5 Gluten Free Soups This Fall Not To Be Missed

Inevitably as soon as October rolls around, we think of old fashioned comfort food such as warming soup. Soup is satisfying, packed with healthy nutrients and usually quite simple to make. Using the freshest of ingredients, simple techniques and you can’t go wrong. The great thing about making soups, if you don’t have all the right ingredients, you can always improvise


Here is a list of our 5 best gluten-free soups for fall


vegan, white bean, soupVegan White Bean Soup with Kale

This classic white bean soup is nourishing and comforting winter soup. The two main attractions in this soup are white beans and green kale. Making this soup everything it should be, healthy, hearty and simple to make. This delicious soup is a robust meal for a hungry family




chicken, soupGluten Free Classic Chicken Noodle Soup

When it comes to comfort food, nothing beats homemade chicken noodle soup, especially during cold and flu season. A good homemade chicken soup is rich in protein, calcium, and gelatin from slowly cooked bones. The vitamins and minerals come from added fresh vegetables. The gelatin in the chicken stock provides the body glycine, an amino acid that is crucial for liver detoxification. Another important benefit you get from good old-fashioned chicken soup is electrolytes, which is especially important when your body is dehydrated. The best part is, the soup is super yummy!


chicken, chowder, cornGluten Free Chicken Potato and Corn Chowder in 30 Minutes

Love the convenience of a one-pot meal simmering on the stovetop? This simple yet wholesomely delicious hearty soup is chunky, creamy with added chicken and veggies. Traditionally chowders are made with a lot of butter and cream, this is why some of us shy away from creamy soups. In this gluten free chicken potato and corn chowder, there is no added butter and minimal cream. Serve with gluten free crackers or gluten free crusty bread



Spicy Thai Chicken Coconut Soup

Lemongrass, ginger and coconut milk bring out the flavours of Thailand in this delicious gluten-free healthy soup. If you are on the hunt for ethnic flavours, this diet friendly soup is a must try recipe. Serve this luxurious soup at your most formal dinner party




lentil, soupWinter Farmers Market Soup

The earthy spices combined with winter vegetables make a rich, hearty soup jam packed with healthy nutrients. The tasty lentils in this soup have plenty of protein, folate, potassium, iron, and zinc. To complete this one pot meal, add crusty gluten-free savoury bread.



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