Gluten-Free Chicken Pot Pie Soup

Published on Dec 02, 2021

  by   Kristina Stosek

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Prep Time: 20 minutes Cook Time: 35 minutes Serves: 4 - 6
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Gluten-Free Chicken Pot Pie Soup topped with the flakiest puff pastry cheesy biscuits. Not only is this chicken pot pie soup delicious, but it’s also cozy and perfect comfort food for winter nights ahead.


2 cups filled with creamy soup topped with biscuit

traditional chicken pot pie soup recipe

I am keeping this a traditional chicken pot pie soup recipe by using leftover cooked chicken, onions, celery, carrots, potatoes, corn, peas, and mushrooms cooked in a thick, buttery, creamy soup. 

To make this dish extra special, I topped the soup with a gluten-free made from scratch puff pastry biscuit.

chicken pot pie soup recipe — recipe overview

Let’s start with the soup. To keep this a gluten-free recipe, the soup is made without flour.

The traditional chicken pot pie recipe is always made with a roux. Roux is what makes the soup thick. However, when following the gluten-free diet, classic roux was not an option.


onions celery carrots mushrooms simmering in a pot

gluten-free chicken pot pie soup is an easy recipe

This thick and creamy soup recipe is so simple to make. Start with sauteing the onions, celery and carrots in butter. This will intensify the soup flavour.

Then, stir in the potatoes, mushrooms, seasoning and broth and cook until the potatoes become tender. I used bay leaf and thyme to season the soup.

Once the potatoes are tender, add the remaining ingredients and cook until the soup starts to thicken. This takes only a few more minutes. The soup is ready now.


chicken pot pie soup in a cup with gluten-free biscuit

the best way to thicken gluten-free cream soups,

Not all starches are created equal. That’s right. If you use the wrong starch, the soup may become a bowl of starchy liquid or a slimy stew.

I used tapioca starch in this chicken pot pie soup recipe because of its neutral flavour and excellent thickening power. 

Cornstarch and arrowroot work well in stir fry sauce or fruit filling because of its transparent shimmer. But I find the two starches make the soup a bit slimy looking.

Is gluten-free flour blend a good thickener for soups?

In my experience, it does not work very well for thickening soups. The blend is made up of various grains and may contain xanthan gum. However, when correctly used in gluten-free baking, it helps the cake, muffins and bread rise.

To thicken this chicken pot pie soup I found that tapioca starch was the best choice. To prevent lumps, always stir the starch into a cool liquid before adding it to the hot soup. 


gluten free puff pastry biscuits on a baking sheet

4 ingredient gluten-free puff pastry biscuits

This delicious chicken pot pie soup is topped with light and puffy biscuits. The gluten-fee puff pastry-like biscuits are made with only four ingredients plus seasoning. The biscuits may seem complicated to make, but the recipe is super easy.  

First heat milk with butter, and then stir in flour. Once cooled using an electric mixer, whisk in the eggs one at a time.


dough mounds on a baking sheet


Then, drop mounds of the prepared dough on a baking sheet and bake—nothing to it.

I wanted to be a little more creative with this puff pastry recipe. So, I added a few small cubes of cheese to the dough. 

The gluten-free biscuits turned out exceptional, buttery, cheesy, airy and light, with every bite melting in your mouth.


chicken pot pie soup with biscuits in 2 cups

serving suggestions

This gluten-free chicken pot pie soup with puff cheesy pastry biscuits is so so good! Sometimes I like to serve this comforting soup with Gluten-Free Cheesy Mashed Potatoes Biscuits or Gluten-Free Pull Apart Soft Rolls. I promise you, this soup is sure to make you feel cozy and warm all over.

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thank you Rita, I am so happy you enjoyed the soup

Rita R.

This chicken pot pie soup is so good!!

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