Miso Noodle Soup with Meatballs – Gluten Free

Published on Apr 28, 2021

  by   Kristina Stosek

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Prep Time: 10 minutes Cook Time: 15 minutes Serves: 4
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Flavourful gluten-free Miso Noodle Soup with Meatballs spiked with chili, ginger, honey, green onions and sesame seeds. Time to pick up the chopsticks, enjoy buckwheat noodles, and tender pork meatballs, followed by a flavourful miso broth mildly spiced with garlic and fresh ginger.

Miso Noodle Soup Recipe Overview

This gluten-free noodle soup is a trove of tasty ingredients; pork, ginger, sesame oil, tamari sauce, garlic, carrots, miso paste, fresh baby spinach and soba noodles topped with sesame seeds and green onions. After a hot bowl of this miso noodle soup, you will feel very content.


miso noodle soup, gluten free


Cooking gluten-free buckwheat noodles is easy. Check out this Monday Night Spicy Soba Noodles Recipe. What lies behind the success of this miso soup is a staple of fresh ingredients, lightly spiced pork meatballs and a tasty miso broth—a perfect Japanese-inspired dish for the home cook.

gluten free miso noodles soup under 30 minutes

The preparation time required for this soup is well inside 10 minutes, and the soup is cooked in under fifteen. This miso noodle soup with meatballs is specified for four people if you serve it as a light lunch or a starter.

If this soup is enjoyed as a main course, serve the miso noodle soup in two large bowls for two people.

I would redefine this soup as fast food, take fresh ingredients, cook them briefly, and deliver oodles of flavour. This miso noodle soup style of cooking concentrates on a short period of cooking and fresh ingredients.

Another soup you may enjoy is the gluten-free Easy Vegan Coconut Curry Ramen Soup.

the Japanese style of cooking

In Japan, there are typically seven methods to choose from to create a delicious meal, ensuring a variety: Simmered (nimono), grilled (yakimono), deep-fried (agemono), sautéed (itammono), steamed (mushimono) integrated vinegars (sunomono) and salads (aemono).

In this Japanese-inspired miso noodle soup with meatballs, I used two styles: the sautéed and the simmered. When I develop recipes, I try to ensure that not only the recipe works, but the dish tastes good. This gluten-free noodle soup is outstanding.

The presentation of a meal is an integral part of Japanese dining. Their hot soups are often served in bowls made from lacquer. Lacquer remains cool even when it contains hot soup. This is why you can lift the soup and drink it without burning your hands or lips. 


miso noodle soup, gluten free


Why are chopsticks used to eat miso noodle soup

Using chopsticks enables you to enjoy a noodle soup the traditional way. In Japan, the soup is slurped, and the noodles are sucked. The reason behind this is the need to incorporate air when you eat so that you sense aroma as much as flavour.

I hope you enjoy this gluten-free miso noodle soup with meatballs. This Japanese-inspired soup recipe is one of my favourites go to noodle soup. 


miso noodle soup, gluten free


There are several reasons why we love this soup so much. It is super easy to make, the flavours are second to none, it is comforting, healthy and simple ingredients. You can change up the veggies for whatever you have on hand. Just be sure to slice them thinly. Enjoy!

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