20 Best Gluten-Free Ground Beef Recipes


Ground beef is always popular because you can use it in many recipes. You will find that ground beef is super versatile. The beef cooks quickly, it is cost-effective and great for last-minute meals.

Adding herbs, spices and condiments, you will find that you can convert simple ground beef into quick and easy, flavourful weeknight meals.

Today, we share our best ground beef recipes!

You will love our 30-minute meals, easy ground beef recipes with few ingredients, flavourful healthy beef soups, healthy ground beef noodle dishes, and tasty recipes that make delicious, family-friendly weeknight meals easy.

All our ground beef recipes are gluten-free and made with ingredients you can find in most supermarkets.


Our List of Best Gluten-Free Ground Beef Recipes!

Spicy Cincinnati Black Bean Chili

This stunning chili is made with so many delicious things – it’s like no other. It’s a great make-ahead chili for casual entertaining. I promise you, some ingredients in this recipe may surprise you.

ground beef chilli


Russian Cabbage And Beef Soup

The soup is made with nutrient-dense vegetables such as cabbage, tomatoes, root vegetables and extra-lean ground beef. Have you heard of the cabbage soup for weight loss? Well, this is one version of it.

cabbage soup


Gluten-Free Spicy Beef Samosas

A gluten-free pastry filled with ground beef, green peas and onions — spiced with garlic, ginger, cumin, curry powder and cinnamon. This is my favourite samosa recipe!

gluten free samosa


Gluten-Free Cottage Pie Recipe

This deliciously flavoured cottage pie has fluffy, cheesy potato topping, and the entire pie takes less than an hour to make. This family dinner recipe will show you how easy it to convert ground beef into the most satisfying meal.

ground beef cottage pie


Cheese Burger Mac & Cheese

This is a lazy night gluten-free dinner made with creamy pasta and baked with a tasty burger like beef combined with plenty of cheese.

cheeseburger Mac and cheese with ground beef


Instant Pot Spaghetti Bolognese

The entire meal is made in one pot. That’s right, the sauce and pasta all in one. Super easy clean up — making this ground beef recipe kind of life changing.

instant pot spaghetti


Tuscan White Bean Soup with Meatballs

This soup is a classic rustic soup often served in Tuscany, especially during cold winter months. This bean and meatballs soup is not complete without a crusty baguette. Check out this easy to make gluten-free crusty baguette recipe.

Tuscan white bean soup with ground beef recipe


Gluten-Free Ground Beef Chili Cups With Avocado Aioli

The gluten-free cups are crispy tortillas made in a muffin pan, filled with a thick beefy chilli made with black beans and topped with delicious avocado aioli. These hearty small-bites are packed with flavour and deliciousness beyond belief.

chili cups topped with aioli



One Pot Lasagna Recipe

An easy, cheesy, beef lasagna recipe made in one hour using only one pot.

one pot lasagna, gluten free


Cauliflower and Meatballs Ragout

A fragrant dish, scented with cinnamon, cumin and fresh cilantro. The beef meatballs are made with grated zucchini and flavoured with a hint of cinnamon and cumin.

cauliflower meatball ragout


Meatballs Stroganoff a Ground Beef Recipe

The tender beef meatballs and mushrooms are simmered in the creamiest thyme and sage sauce.

meatballs stroganoff


Quick Korean Beef and Broccoli Rice Bowl

This is a super easy beef and broccoli rice bowl dinner packed with flavour, healthy broccoli and ground beef.

Korean beef and broccoli


Beef and Black Bean Enchilada Kale Rolls

A tasty Mexican dish with added twist of kale. When you feel like a healthier version of Mexican food, try this beef and black bean enchilada dish!

beef enchilada


30 Minute Gluten-Free Beef Ramen Noodles

This gluten-free Asian inspired noodle dish is just the thing for when you crave take out food. The beefy noodles are seasoned with mildly spicy ginger sauce and mixed with fresh veggies.

beef ramen, gluten free


Spicy Indian Stuffed Peppers Made with Ground Beef

The perfect Indian inspired dish filled made with ground beef. The stuffed peppers are filled with tender meat and warming Indian spices such as cumin, curry, cinnamon, and fresh cilantro.

Indian stuffed peppers in a bowl


Gluten-Free Lasagna Soup

Beef, veggies, pasta and plenty of flavour going on in this lasagna soup…who needs lasagna?

gluten free lasagna soup made with ground beef




Gluten Free Sheet Pan Spaghetti and Meatballs

This recipe is an easy gluten free weeknight meal made on one baking sheet and in less than 30 minutes. The meatballs are light,  and are moderately spiced.


sheet pan spaghetti in a bowl


Grain-Free Beef Burrito Casserole

In this grain-free beef burrito casserole, the flavours come from deliciously spiced beef, beans, cauliflower rice and cheese

beef burrito


Baked Stuffed Chard Rolls

Think cabbage rolls except healthier, cooked in a light broth and seasoned with Indian spices. The filling is made with lean ground beef, potatoes, onions, and green peas. YUM!

chard rolls, gluten free


Keto Baked Meatballs in Tomato Cream Sauce

The sauce is deliciously spiced, creamy and takes less than 10 minutes to make. The meatballs are made with ground beef and ground chicken or turkey, zucchini, mushrooms and plenty of spices. Super delicious!

ground beef recipe the keto meatballs in a skillet


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