Gluten-Free Beef Chili Cups With Avocado Aioli

Published on Feb 06, 2022

  by   Kristina Stosek

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Prep Time: 20 minutes Cook Time: 40 minutes Serves: 16
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Gluten-free beef chili cups with avocado aioli are perfect finger food for parties or sports events like the Super Bowl.

The gluten-free cups are crispy tortillas made in a muffin pan, filled with a thick beefy chilli made with black beans and topped with delicious avocado aioli. These hearty small-bites are packed with flavour and deliciousness beyond belief. 


beef chili cups with toppings


Chili is often served during sports events, especially Super Bowl. So why not make the chili into gluten-free appetizers served on a napkin or small plates with all the favourite toppings. Or, add a salad and make the beef chili cups into a main dish.

The easiest way to make gluten-free beef chili cups!

You want to keep things as simple as possible whenever you are feeding a crowd. This is where the gluten-free beef chili cups come in.

To keep things simple, like these beef chili cups appetizer, I make the chili a day in advance. Besides, chili always tastes better the next day and becomes thicker and more flavourful.

Just before I am ready to serve the chili cups, I reheat the chili until it is super hot. Meanwhile, I make the avocado aioli topping. 


avocado aioli in a bowl


To make the healthy topping, mash a ripe avocado and mix it with sour cream, lime juice, fresh garlic and salt. Simple, fresh-tasting and sooo good!  

Next, prepare the tortillas. Place the tortillas in a microwave for about 15 seconds. They will soften up, making them easy to work with. Then, brush one side with garlic olive oil and press them into a muffin pan forming small cups. These gluten-free cups are perfect for beef chili.


tortillas formed into cups in a muffin pan


Before baking the cups, spoon some of the chili in the cups. Then bake for about five minutes. So the actual hands-on time the day of is about 10 minutes. Finger food doesn’t get much easier than this.

Best way to serve beef chili cups.

This is where you can be creative and can serve these hearty appetizers simply or go that extra step and add delicious toppings.

I find the chili is very flavourful, so it doesn’t need much. Although I know some people love various toppings. 


bite taken out of a beef chili cup


Once the chili cups are ready, place them on a cutting board or a large serving tray with small bowls of your favourite toppings. This will give everyone a choice to add their favourites.

Beef chili toppings!

Some toppings for these beef chili cups that come to mind are shredded cheese, chopped red onions, sliced jalapenos, cilantro, chopped tomatoes and lime wedges. 

Can I use other fillings in tortilla cups?

Absolutely! First, you can use your favourite chili, some chili’s you may enjoy is the Western Vegetarian Chili,  Classic Chili, or my favourite Spicy Cincinnati Chili. Or, you can fill the cups with fresh salsa or a delicious Spicy Dominican Beef Stew. The options for these gluten-free tortilla cups are endless.

One thing to note, when using these gluten-free tortilla cups for chili or stew, make the sauce thicker.

And yes, don’t forget plenty of napkins or small plates. I promise you these hearty gluten-free beef chili cups with avocado aioli will be a big hit every time. Especially during the Super Bowl party!

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