Gluten-Free Cottage Pie Recipe

Published on Jun 21, 2016

  by   Kristina Stosek

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Prep Time: 15 minutes Cook Time: 40 minutes Serves: 4
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This Gluten-Free Cottage Pie is one of the most comforting savoury pies I know. The pie is meaty and is topped with the fluffiest, creamiest cheesy potato topping. This savoury dish is also known as Shepherd’s pie with a small difference. Both pies are made with ground meat, except Shepherd’s pie is made with lamb, and cottage pie is made with beef. 

baked gluten-free cottage pie in a pie dish


Typically this savoury pie is made with classic pie crust made with butter and flour. To keep this cottage pie on the healthier side, I replaced the pie crust with healthy chard leaves, adding healthiness, keeping the recipe simpler and keeping it grain-free. 

The meat mixture is made with lean ground beef, onions, carrots, peas and mushrooms. To give the meat extra flavour, I added rosemary, Worcestershire sauce, bay leaf, beef broth and plenty of fresh parsley. 

overview of baked grain free cottage pie


I wanted a little more than just mashed potatoes made with butter for the usual potato topping. So, I replaced the butter with a mix of buttermilk and cheese.

These two ingredients add a tasty twist to the classic cottage pie topping, making this savoury pie exceptionally delicious and extra fluffy.


pie dish

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I love making this gluten-free dinner recipe because you can have the pie on the table in under an hour from start to finish. And who doesn’t love cheesy mashed potatoes? 

The potatoes, in my opinion, set the cottage pie apart from most. This cozy savoury dish is a win-win pie in every way. Delicious, hearty, healthier and super simple to make. 

This gluten-free cottage pie recipe is another dish to add to your quick and easy everyday weeknight meals. If you like savoury pies, you will love this Gluten-Free Creamy Mushroom Chicken Pot pie or the gluten-free skillet chicken pot pie — a little more work but worth the effort. Enjoy!

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The pie is baked at 400 F

Mrs. Kennerell

What temperature would the oven be set at?

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