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Country Style Chicken Stew With Gluten-Free Dumplings

Country Style Chicken Stew With Gluten-Free Dumplings

Prep Time icon Prep Time 15 Minutes
Difficulty icon Difficulty Easy
Cook Time icon Cook Time 60 Minutes
Serves icon Serves 4-6

Country Style Chicken Stew With Gluten-Free Dumplings is warm, comforting and a hearty dish. Inevitably as soon as fall rolls around we think of family-style comfort food. A crisp chill in the air and beautiful coloured fallen leaves on the ground remind me of my first days of school.... Read More


2 Tbsp. extra virgin olive oil
2 yellow onions, chopped
3 carrots, diced
2 celery stalks, diced
3 sprigs fresh thyme or 2 tsp. GF dried thyme
2 GF bay leaves
1 Tbsp. chopped fresh rosemary or 1/2 tsp. GF dried rosemary
8 skinless bone-in chicken thighs (the bones add rich flavour to the stew)
2 ears of fresh sweet corn, kernels removed
2 large potatoes, peeled and cubed
1 small turnip, peeled and cubed
Handful of small button mushrooms, quartered
4 cups water (you can use GF chicken stock, but it is not necessary, there is plenty of flavour from the chicken and all the veggies)
1 cup fresh or frozen peas
1/2 cup cream
1 Tbsp. Tapioca starch
Pure sea salt and GF ground black pepper to taste
1 cup all-purpose gluten-free flour blend (if it doesn't include xanthan gum add 1/2 tsp.)
2 tsp. GF baking powder
2 Tbsp. chopped fresh chives
2 Tbsp. cold butter
1/4 cup cold water
1 egg, whisked
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Gluten-Free High Fiber Bread Recipe

Gluten-Free High Fiber Bread Recipe

Prep Time icon Prep Time 10 Minutes
Difficulty icon Difficulty Beginner
Cook Time icon Cook Time 90 Minutes
Serves icon Serves 1 loaf

This delicious Gluten-Free High Fiber Bread is dairy-free, egg-free, yeast-free and xanthan gum-free. This healthy bread is perfect in every way. A low-allergen bread that is moist, slices beautifully without crumbling, has a rustic light rye flavour, good crust and is super easy to make. Because this is a... Read More


1/3 cup Whole psyllium husk (not powder)
1/4 cup brown or white rice flour
1 Tbsp. GF baking powder
1 1/4 tsp. Sea salt
1 tsp. Baking soda
2 cups warm water (warm to the touch, not hot about 110 F)
1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil
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Recent Featured Recipes

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30 Minute Gluten-Free Crispy Carnitas Tacos with Avocado Yogurt Cream

The very best 30 minute gluten-free carnitas tacos with avocado yogurt cream. Crunchy gluten-free tacos filled with spiced pork tenderloin, bell peppers, onions, jalapenos, lime juice, fresh tomatoes and gooey cheese. This Mexican inspired dish is easy to put together using only fresh ingredients. The avocado yogurt cream is made with avocado, yogurt, shallots, jalapenos, lime juice, garlic, cumin and if you like extra spiciness, sriracha sauce. The avocado yogurt cream makes a perfect companion to the carnitas tacos. Adding a healthy creamy sauce to dip the tacos in for extra flavour, makes the gluten-free tacos extra delicious! carnitas tacos These crunchy carnitas (pork) tacos are probably one of my most favourite taco recipes. To make the outside extra crunchy, the filled tacos are baked until you reach desired crunchiness. The cheese in the tacos holds everything together, keeping the filling inside with every bite. You don't have to worry about the filling falling out after you take a bite. These crunchy tacos are perfect in every way. tortilla What I love about this Mexican inspired recipe is how easy everything comes together. You don't even need taco holders. To start, the veggies are briefly cooked, then the pork, garlic and spices are added and cooked just until the pork is no longer pink and starts to brown on the outside. Then the fresh tomatoes with lime juice are added, and everything is combined—nothing to it. carnitas tacos I used soft gluten-free corn tortillas and made them into crunchy tacos. The tortillas need to be briefly softened so that they are pliable. To do this, pop them into the microwave for a few seconds. To get the crunchiness, one side of the tacos is lightly brushed with olive oil before they are baked.

How to keep the carnitas filling in the tacos?

When you have traditional tacos, the shells are already crispy and are often filled with ground beef mixture. The tacos are then topped with various toppings, such as lettuce, cheese, salsa, sour cream, and guacamole. After the first bite, everything starts to fall apart. Needless to say, it is messy to eat. Not with these crunchy carnitas tacos. The cheese is what holds everything together.I wanted to add one topping to the tacos that has it all. So, I made this light avocado yogurt cream. It tastes almost like guacamole, but it is on the lighter side. With this avocado yogurt cream topping, you will not need any other toppings. The topping is exceptionally delicious. carnitas tacos, gluten free 

Can you change the pork for something else?

This is what is so great about these gluten-free tacos. The pork is interchangeable. I often use leftover chicken, turkey or beef - an excellent way to spice up leftovers. You will need 3 cups of cooked chopped meat for 8 tacos. Everything else remains the same in the recipe. And, if you want vegetarian tacos, no problem. You can use roughly chopped cauliflower, zucchini or mushrooms to replace the meat.I hope you enjoy these gluten-free crispy carnitas tacos as much as my family does. If you love Mexican inspired recipes, you may enjoy the rotisserie chicken enchilada casserole or the Mexican street corn soup

Prep Time icon Prep Time 10 Minutes
Difficulty icon Difficulty Easy
Cook Time icon Cook Time 20 Minutes
Serves icon Serves 8 tacos

30 Minute Creamy Thai Chicken with Noodles

30 minute creamy Thai chicken with noodles dinner made with healthiness in mind and deliciousness. Lightly flavoured chicken, bok choy, mushrooms and carrots cooked in the creamiest sauce flavoured with Thai spices, fresh lime juice and fresh herbs. creamy thai chicken Monday is a good day to start with an easy gluten-free chicken dinner. This colourful creamy Thai chicken takes minutes to prepare and cooks for under 15 minutes. The sauce is thick, and creamy filled with healthy veggies and served with rice noodles.Switching up the chicken with this Thai inspired weeknight creamy chicken is another way to serve a delicious gluten-free chicken dinner. This super flavourful dish is served over rice noodles with your favourite toppings. Your family will be impressed by how delicious this chicken dinner is with so much goodness in one bowl. bok choy 

how to make creamy Thai chicken - the details,

You will love how easy this chicken recipe is. First, you toss chicken cubes with ginger, sesame oil, honey, tamari sauce and black pepper. Then using a large skillet, quickly brown the chicken pieces. To the same skillet, add the bok choy and lightly charr around the edges. Remove the chicken with the bok choy and make the creamy coconut sauce with lightly cooked veggies. The sauce takes just minutes to cook. Finish the sauce with fresh lime juice and herbs. chicken dinner When it comes to Thai food, you can serve it with rice noodles or rice. Jasmine rice accentuates the Thai flavours and makes everything more delicious. Both, rice noodles and rice are naturally gluten-free, making them a good choice to add to this Thai meal. When it comes to thick sauces, I love to add noodles. I can't help it, but noodles are my favourite carbs, especially when the noodles are heavily coated with a delicious sauce. Thai noodles are typically made from rice, and you can use either thick or thin rice noodles. Rice noodles cook very quickly and are probably the easiest noodles to prepare. creamy thai chicken 

the toppings, 

To make any meal extra special, it is all about the toppings. However, this Thai dish is delicious as is add some toppings, and this chicken dinner will step up to another level. I would recommend fresh herbs like cilantro or, if you can get Thai basil. And, fresh lime juice is a must in Thai dishes. Everything else you add, like hot chilli sauce or crushed pepper flakes, is all about the flavours you desire. creamy thai chicken

It is the beginning of the week, and starting with a bang is the way to go in our home. Serving gluten-free Thai creamy chicken oozing with deliciousness and plenty of healthy veggies served over satisfying rice noodles…perfect! The best part, this chicken dinner is healthy, comforting and not to mention satisfying. Enjoy! gluten free thai food For the latest recipes and tips, please like us on Facebook or follow us on Pinterest and  Instagram.

Prep Time icon Prep Time 15 Minutes
Difficulty icon Difficulty Easy
Cook Time icon Cook Time 15 Minutes
Serves icon Serves 4

Grain-Free Cassava Chocolate Chip Cookie

A little chewy, a little soft grain-free cassava chocolate chip cookies not to be missed. You will never know that these chocolate chip cookies are made without grains or nuts. The two grain-free flours that make up this healthier chocolate chip cookie are cassava and coconut flour, and they are both naturally gluten-free.If you have a few minutes to spare, you can whip up these gluten-free cassava flour chocolate chip cookies in twenty minutes, from start to finish. I love this recipe because you can have a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie in no time. And there is nothing better than a homemade freshly baked chocolate chip cookie.Typically in January, I don't bake too many cookies. December is my cookie month. However, we can't have a month without something sweet and and chocolaty. This is why I wanted to create a healthy-ish chocolate chip cookie. cassava chocolate chip cookies 

cassava flour chocolate chip cookies - the ingredients,

This healthier "January” gluten-free chocolate chip cookie has only seven ingredients. Cassava flour and coconut flour, coconut sugar, butter, vanilla, baking soda and salt. Nothing about this cookie recipe is complicated. You don't even need a mixer, and the cookies bake up in no time, only about ten minutes. All in all, you will need twenty minutes from start to finish, for delicious chocolate chip cookies to enjoy! cassava chocolate chip cookies 

vegan option?

No problem. This gluten-free cookie is easily converted to a vegan cookie. You will need to substitute only two ingredients. For the butter, I used vegan earth balance sticks. When I first made this grain-free cookie with vegan butter, I used earth balance in the tub container. That did not work because the earth balance in the tub container has higher water content. So be sure to use the sticks.Then come the chocolate chips. Most chocolate chips are made with dairy, so be sure to get gluten-free vegan chocolate chips. Everything else in this chocolate chip cookie recipe remains the same. grain-free chocolate chip cookie 

the difference between cassava flour and tapioca flour

I started to use cassava flour more often in my gluten-free recipes, because the flour works very well in gluten-free recipes and has added health benefits. Check out this Grain-Free, Nut-Free Cassava Bread. However, don't get confused with tapioca flour and cassava flour. They react differently in recipes, even though both flours come from cassava root (yuca). The difference is, cassava flour is the root peeled and dried, then ground into flour. Tapioca flour, also called starch, is only the starch extracted by washing, pulping and pressing cassava root, creating a liquid that is evaporated, leaving only the dried starch.To summarize,This gluten-free chocolate chip cookie is ideal for someone that follows a grain-free diet and has sensitivity to nuts. Cassava flour is a healthier option than gluten-free flour blends because it contains vitamin C and is lower in calories than most other gluten-free flours. And, coconut flour is packed with dietary fiber. The recipe has only seven ingredients and whips up in minutes. And, a little chocolate and a little sweetness in January doesn't hurt anyone :-)For the latest recipes and tips, please like us on Facebook or follow us on Pinterest and  Instagram.

Prep Time icon Prep Time 10 Minutes
Difficulty icon Difficulty Beginner
Cook Time icon Cook Time 10 Minutes
Serves icon Serves 20

Taco Stuffed Roasted Kabocha

Casual style Mexican inspired cheesy taco stuffed roasted kabocha. As we keep January on the healthier side, this roasted kabocha stuffed with the most delicious loaded taco filling makes the list of healthy gluten-free recipes and is keto friendly.Kabocha, also known as Japanese pumpkin, is a naturally sweet squash lower in calories and carbs than other winter squash varieties. One cup of kabocha has approximately 49 calories and 8 grams of net carbs per cup. This healthy squash is also packed with beta carotene (Vitamin A), vitamin C, and other essential minerals. Also, the winter squash has 1.8 grams of protein per one cup and is dietary fibre-rich. kabocha This healthy squash looks like a small pumpkin with thick green skin and orange flesh. Kabocha tastes like something in between sweet potato and butternut squash, except a little sweeter. And, you can also eat the skin once it is roasted. This squash is my personal winter squash favourite. sliced kabocha 

about the taco filling,

I can't tell you enough how delicious the taco meat filling is. To start, the meat is browned with onions. You can use chicken or beef. Then all the spices with garlic are added. I used chipotle chilli powder, cumin, oregano, and my personal favourite smoked paprika. The paprika and chipotle chilli powder add extra flavour, but if you don't have the two spices, use regular paprika and chilli powder. For spiciness, I added crushed red pepper flakes, and I also included a sweetener and fresh lime juice. Adding something sweet and tart accentuates the flavours.Next, I added salsa, sour cream and Mexican cheese to the mix. These three ingredients made the difference, and everything so much tastier with a little creaminess. taco stuffed kabocha Before the kabocha is filled with this incredibly tasty taco filling, the squash is halved and roasted. The gluten-freee taco filling is then added to the roasted kabocha and topped with some more cheese. Now, the squash is baked for a few more minutes, just long enough to re-heat the filling and melt the cheese. taco stuffed kabocha If you like Mexican food even a little, you will love this healthier version of serving tacos. To serve, I like to add either full-fat plain Greek yogurt or sour cream, salsa and fresh cilantro. You can even add avocado slices. The gluten-free taco meal is filling, flavourful, and so simple to make. Enjoy! taco stuffed kabocha If you like squash, you will enjoy the cheesy buffalo turkey acorn squash bowls or the Thai red curry with chickpeas and butternut squash.For the latest recipes and tips, please like us on Facebook or follow us on Pinterest and  Instagram.

Prep Time icon Prep Time 15 Minutes
Difficulty icon Difficulty Easy
Cook Time icon Cook Time 35 Minutes
Serves icon Serves 4

Honey Garlic Roasted Chicken with Basil Butter Noodles

Honey Garlic Roasted Chicken with Basil Butter Noodles is a meal to be remembered. The crispy chicken is topped with a caramelized honey garlic sauce that tastes better than takeout. The simply made basil butter gluten-free noodles take minutes to prepare and balance the sweet honey garlic chicken without overpowering the chicken's deliciousness.This Asian inspired chicken recipe may sound complicated, but it is super easy to make. The honey garlic sauce is deliciously caramelized, sticky and ever so flavourful. The sweet sauce makes the crispy chicken taste sooo good! honey garlic chicken 

to prepare the chicken for roasting,

First, this chicken recipe is made with halved chicken. Halved chicken is easier to season all over, and the chicken cooks faster. When making weeknight meals, sometimes we don't have the extra time to cook an entire chicken. I made this chicken recipe for two by using one half of a chicken. You can use two halves for four people.When roasting the chicken, you want to make sure the chicken stays juicy and is fully cooked. Overcooking will make the chicken dry and tough. It is best to follow chicken cooking times and use a meat thermometer for best results. First, the chicken is rubbed with simple spices mixed with butter. The butter makes the spices stick to the chicken and will make the chicken extra crispy. honey garlic chicken 

honey garlic sauce → the details,

The chicken is roasted until crispy, then basted with the thick honey garlic sauce and broiled to perfection. The sauce takes virtually 2 minutes to prepare. You will need a small saucepan, add the ingredients and bring to a boil. The sauce starts to thicken very quickly. Once the sauce has thickened, set it aside until you are ready to baste the chicken. gluten-free basil noodles 

for the basil butter noodles,

This gluten-free noodle recipe takes two minutes to prepare once you cook the noodles. It is essential to cook the noodles in well salted water until al dente. Do not overcook the noodles, or they will become sticky and hard to toss with the basil butter. I wanted to use healthier gluten-free noodles with this honey garlic roasted chicken.This was when I discovered a healthy gluten-free chickpea pasta. This gluten-free pasta was my personal preference, so feel free to use the gluten-free pasta you have on hand or the one you love. I wanted the pasta to be well coated with the basil butter, so I used angel hair pasta. Angel hair pasta is super thin and cooks very quickly. Because the pasta is so thin, it coats easily with the basil butter—a perfect side to honey garlic roasted chicken. gluten-free chicken dinner In this gluten-free chicken dinner, the Asian inspired honey garlic roasted chicken is super flavourful. This is why I wanted to balance the chicken with something milder in flavour as to compliment the chicken and not to overpower the sweet, garlicky chicken. The gluten-free noodle recipe is about light basil flavour and a little butter, making this gluten-free chicken dinner perfect.This gluten-free chicken dinner doesn't have to be served with basil butter noodles. You can add your favourite rice dish, steamed veggies or chop the chicken into a salad. Either way, this honey garlic roasted chicken dinner will be a big hit. Enjoy!

Prep Time icon Prep Time 15 Minutes
Difficulty icon Difficulty Easy
Cook Time icon Cook Time 55 Minutes
Serves icon Serves 2 - 4

Zucchini And Ham Cheese Casserole -Keto

This zucchini and ham cheese casserole is oozing with gooey cheese and smokey ham. This gluten-free casserole is all about fresh zucchini baked with ham, green onions and spiced with chili, cumin and basil. All this deliciousness baked in a two cheese sauce mixed with sour cream and is also keto-friendly. zucchini Zucchini is a very mild tasting squash and is ideal for adding to casseroles because it easily absorbs the flavours. The thing about zucchini, it cooks very quickly, and you don't want the squash to be mushy and soggy. This is why first, the zucchini is briefly stir-fried with ham, green onions, garlic and spices. Then it is added to the cheese, sour cream and eggs. Because the zucchini was crispy before baking, this healthy squash retained the right texture and did not become mushy. keto casserole In this zucchini and ham cheese casserole recipe, the ingredients are kept simple—Squash, ham, garlic, green onions, spices, cheese, sour cream and eggs. By keeping the ingredients simple, the gluten-free casserole tastes of freshness with a hint of saltiness and smokiness from the ham. The spices such as chili, cumin and basil added an array of flavours, making this keto and gluten-free casserole sooo good! zucchini and ham cheese casserole 

zucchini and ham cheese casserole - the simplicity

You will love how simple this casserole is to make. Especially when making a weeknight meal, and you want to keep everything healthy, maybe low carb and easy. This zucchini and ham cheese casserole recipe calls only for nine ingredients plus spices.To start, the zucchini, ham, green onions and garlic and briefly stir-fried with the spices in a splash of olive oil. This adds flavour to the mild flavoured zucchini and creates tasty juices, which are then added to the cheese mixture.For the cheese mixture, I wanted to keep everything creamy. To do this, I combined two kinds of cheese. I used gruyere and parmesan. Gruyere cheese is my personal choice because I love the flavour. You can use any good melting cheese, depending on your budget or personal preference. To keep the cheese saucy, I added sour cream and eggs. Everything blended together beautifully. keto casserole 

is zucchini a low carb squash?

Zucchini is exceptional in recipes when you are trying to keep the calories and carbs low. This healthy squash is considered a fruit and is super low in calories and carbs, only about 33 calories and 4 net carbs per one medium squash. Since this is a keto-friendly recipe, the carbs are low. keto casserole To serve this gluten-free zucchini and ham cheese casserole, if you wish, add a light green salad, extra sour cream, sliced green onions or freshly made salsa. I often serve this casserole for brunch. Serve hot and enjoy!If you are looking for low-carb zucchini recipes check out these!

Italian Stuffed Zucchini – Keto

Zucchini Gratin with Bacon and Leeks – Keto

Baked Zucchini With Goat Cheese {Keto, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free}

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Prep Time icon Prep Time 15 Minutes
Difficulty icon Difficulty Beginner
Cook Time icon Cook Time 35 Minutes
Serves icon Serves 4

Vegan Potato and Spinach Curry Soup

A soothing vegan potato and spinach curry soup for any day of the week. Tender potatoes, fresh spinach and peas simmered in a thick creamy soup mildly flavoured with curry and fresh lime juice. vegan soup There is more to this vegan soup than just potatoes and spinach. This Indian inspired hearty soup is made with potatoes, tomatoes, peas, onions, garlic and spinach. The creaminess comes from coconut milk and the extra flavours from curry powder and a hint of cinnamon. For a light zesty taste, a squirt of fresh lime juice tying everything together perfectly. If you like a bit of spice, a pinch of cayenne pepper will do the trick. potato and spinach curry soup Soups are probably one of the easiest meals to digest. They are typically lower in calories than a full-on meal and pack an array of nutrients. This vegan potato and spinach curry soup is very satisfying and can replace a heavy stew or a casserole, even for big appetites. potato and spinach soup 

spinach and vitamin K

The spinach in this vegan soup is not fully cooked but rather stirred into the hot soup at the very end, just long enough for the spinach to wilt to keep the texture just right. Spinach is an excellent source of vitamin K, which is essential for maintaining bone health. You can't find too many vegetables that are richer in vitamin K than spinach. Also, lightly cooking spinach increases vitamins A and E, protein, fiber, zinc, thiamin, calcium, and iron as per vegetarian times.

peas and protein,

To add protein to this healthy vegan soup, I included peas. Peas are an excellent way to add plant-based protein to your diet. One cup of green peas has 8 grams of protein. They also pack a punch of dietary fiber, 7 grams per 1 cup. Peas are also nutritionally packed with vitamins C and E, zinc, and other antioxidants that strengthen your immune system. Indian curry soup  

potato and spinach curry soup - the details

I love making this soup, especially when I feel burned out or tired because this is such an easy vegan soup recipe and a real reviver. Once you clean the potatoes and chop up the veggies, there isn't much left to do. To start, you saute the onions, and then everything else takes just minutes. At the very end, stir in the spinach and fresh lime juice, and the soup is ready. curry soup, vegan Now that we know that this soup is healthy, delicious, flavourful, and satisfying, why not grab a bowl or a cup of hot potato and spinach curry soup add a slice of gluten-free healthy vegan low carb bread or gluten-free vegan high fiber bread, put your feet up, cuttle up with a blanket, read a good book or watch your favourite TV show. Enjoy!

Prep Time icon Prep Time 15 Minutes
Difficulty icon Difficulty Beginner
Cook Time icon Cook Time 25 Minutes
Serves icon Serves 6

sheet pan ginger salmon with citrus fennel

Dreamy roasted citrus fennel topped with ginger salmon, sesame seeds and fresh parsley all made in one sheet pan. This salmon dinner is delicious, flavourful, low carb, keto and extra healthy! salmon I love developing these healthy January recipes. Incorporating fresh veggies with lean proteins, fresh herbs, and spices make it so much fun. Trying to keep everything comforting and healthy becomes challenging sometimes, but it is refreshing, especially after the hearty, rich and indulgent meals we had this past month. fennel 

just briefly about fennel,

Fennel is a member of the carrot family. It is not a root vegetable, and the whole fennel is edible, the leaves, stalks and the bulb. Most recipes call only for the bulb, but the leaves make for a beautiful garnish, and the stalks give flavour to soups or stews. Fennel is a low-calorie vegetable, only about 27 calories per 1 cup of sliced fennel, highly nutritious and has a fair amount of dietary fiber. Fennel can be eaten raw in salads, added to pasta or roasted as a side. roasted fennelThis brings me to this salmon dinner, which I couldn't wait to share with you. The roasted fennel with fresh lemon slices is soo good! And, the salmon is extra special. The salmon is first seasoned with a rub made with extra virgin olive oil, lemon zest, black pepper, basil, salt and pepper and then it is roasted. For the finish, the salmon is topped with the most delicious ginger sauce. This stunning sauce is made with onions, carrots, ginger, garlic, maple syrup and a splash of fresh lemon juice and olive oil with a hint of sesame oil. The ginger sauce is what it is all about and makes this salmon dinner extra special. salmon dinner In this healthy, naturally gluten-free fish recipe, I wanted to highlight the ginger and the tart fresh lemon flavour. The fennel is charred and lemony. The salmon is juicy and gingery, complementing the roasted citrus fennel perfectly.I also wanted to keep this salmon dinner light and low carb. However, if you have a big appetite, you can add keto fauxtatoes, or saffron rice. By adding a side, the dinner will be heartier without compromising the healthiness. salmon dinner 

simple steps to make this salmon dinner,

Start with roasting the fennel with fresh lemon slices. Then to the same pan, add the seasoned salmon and roast until the salmon is almost done. To finish, top the salmon with the zesty gingery sauce and continue roasting for a few minutes more—very simple salmon dish, and with so much deliciousness.What I love about this ginger salmon with citrus fennel dinner is, that all you need is one sheet pan. Everything is made in only one pan, making this salmon dinner for easy cleanup. salmon dinner For leftovers, this salmon with fennel makes for a perfect lunch. You don't even have to reheat it. Add some fresh greens, maybe an avocado and turn it into a healthy salmon salad. Whether you chose to serve it up with some greens or steamed rice, you will enjoy it!For the latest recipes and tips, please like us on Facebook or follow us on Pinterest and  Instagram.

Prep Time icon Prep Time 15 Minutes
Difficulty icon Difficulty Easy
Cook Time icon Cook Time 25 Minutes
Serves icon Serves 4

the very best pizza stuffed portobello mushrooms

These are the very best pizza stuffed portobello mushrooms. Just think, we put mushrooms on a pizza, why not put pizza toppings on a mushroom? These low carb mini pizzas are super easy to make and have all the flavours you would enjoy in a pizza except without the high carb crust. But first, there is more to making this pizza stuffed portobello mushrooms than just adding your favourite toppings and popping it in the oven. portobello mushrooms 

There are few things you need to know to make the best pizza stuffed portobello mushrooms!

First, mushrooms are full of water, and the last thing you want is a soggy mushroom with pizza toppings. This doesn't sound too appetizing. The first time I made the stuffed portobello mushrooms, the mushrooms were soft and soggy, and the topping was sliding off. Needless to say, the recipe needed work. cleaning portobello mushrooms The first thing we need to do is remove most of the moisture from the mushrooms. To do this, wipe the mushrooms with a damp paper towel to remove any dirt. You do not want to wash the mushrooms or, even worst, soak them in water. You are only adding more moisture.Once you clean the mushrooms, using a toothpick or a skewer, poke a few holes in the mushroom. About 4 - 5, this will help to drain the moisture from the mushrooms while they are baking. By baking them first, a lot of the mushrooms' moisture is removed, and they will have a good texture for the topping. You must do this step, or you will have soggy mushrooms. pizza Now the mushrooms are ready for the topping. You can use any pizza toppings you like as long as they are cut into very small pieces. Mix everything with good melting cheese, some herbs and go ahead and top the mushrooms. I don't like to use pizza sauce with mushrooms, I found it made them too soggy. Besides, there is nothing better than a fresh tomato. And the herbs are essential because they add flavour.Once the mushrooms are topped, pop them under a broiler for a few minutes and watch them turn into mini pizzas. The pizza stuffed portobello mushrooms are sooo good! The best part is that they are acceptable for the keto diet and keeping our January recipes on the healthier side. pizza stuffed portobello

Are portobello mushrooms healthy!

Where should I start? Yes, they are super healthy. First, the mushrooms have a rich flavour, and it intensifies as you cook them. The firm texture makes them excellent for stuffing. As a bonus, they are super low in calories—only about 35 calories per cup of sliced mushrooms. Including portobello mushrooms in your diet will promote weightloss. They are also a good source of dietary fiber, selenium, copper, potassium, and some of the B vitamins. stuffed portobello 

Love Italian food — no problem!

If you haven't tried Pizza Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms, you are missing out. We all love pizza, but carbs, not so much. These small pizzas are naturally gluten-free, low in carbs and healthier than a traditional pizza. stuffed portobello Next time you crave a pizza but don't want carbs, have one or two of these pizza stuffed portobello mushrooms and maybe a small salad to satisfy your Italian food craving. Enjoy!For the latest recipes and tips, please like us on Facebook or follow us on Pinterest and  Instagram.

Prep Time icon Prep Time 15 Minutes
Difficulty icon Difficulty Easy
Cook Time icon Cook Time 30 Minutes
Serves icon Serves 4

gluten-free healthy breakfast sheet cake

A gluten-free, super healthy breakfast sheet cake. This irresistibly tasty breakfast cake is soft, moist and has a springy texture. The recipe is made with wholesome ingredients and is sweetened only with bananas, apples, carrots, orange juice and berries. This gluten-free cake is also egg-free, dairy-free and xanthan gum free, and oozes with nothing but goodness.This month is all about healthiness, simplicity and deliciousness. This gluten-free sheet cake is probably one of the easiest breakfast cake recipes you can make. It is healthy and addictively delicious! healthy breakfast cake 

the details,

To start, mix the fresh fruit, carrots, fresh orange juice, olive oil and vanilla. The heart-healthy extra virgin olive oil replaces butter that is typically used in many breakfast cake recipes. Another ingredient that I added is cinnamon. Some studies have shown that cinnamon has the ability to lower blood sugar. This is especially important for someone that has diabetes. healthy breakfast cake To add protein to this vegan breakfast cake without adding eggs, I added almond flour. Almond flour is rich in protein and also keeps the cake extra moist. To replace xanthan gum, I used fibre-rich flaxseed. Xanthan gum is used to bind gluten-free flour together and helps to keep cakes light and bouncy. Flaxseed is a much healthier replacement, especially if you are sensitive to xanthan gum. gluten-free breakfast cake  

what is a sheet cake?

A sheet cake is a single layer cake typically baked in a large, rectangular pan or a rimmed baking sheet. The sheet cake is often topped with buttery sugar ladened frosting. This gluten-free breakfast cake is so flavourful and moist that it does not need anything else. If you want to make it look pretty, you can sprinkle it lightly with cinnamon sugar. Or, if you're going to add frosting, try our lighter version of cream cheese frosting.This gluten-free breakfast cake is an excellent replacement for sugary, buttery muffins, but the best part, it is sooo good…you will love it!

Prep Time icon Prep Time 15 Minutes
Difficulty icon Difficulty Easy
Cook Time icon Cook Time 45 Minutes
Serves icon Serves 12 pc

sheet pan cajun chicken with roasted veggies

Saucy Cajun chicken alongside roasted veggies made on a sheet pan. Healthy, low carb, easy and super flavourful chicken dinner under 45 minutes. sheet pan cajun chicken This month we are keeping the recipes on the lighter side with healthiness in mind. This sheet pan cajun chicken is made with lean chicken coated in saucy cajun spiced yogurt, and olive oil. The cajun seasoning is made from scratch using paprika, oregano, thyme, cayenne pepper, red pepper flakes and black pepper. I have also added thin slices of garlic into the marinade for freshness.

for the veggies,

In this sheet pan chicken dinner, the veggies are zucchini, orange bell pepper, red onion and carrots. This gluten-free chicken dinner is healthy, with perfectly cooked veggies, caramelized onions, and irresistible flavours. cajun chicken dinner

things you will need,

To make this sheet pan cajun chicken dinner, you will need only one bowl and a rimmed sheet baking pan. This is probably one of the easiest chicken dinners with super easy cleanup. The best part is, all the ingredients are naturally gluten-free, so you don't have to worry about getting special gluten-free ingredients. healthy chicken dinner

the recipe details,

In this recipe the chicken is spiced with cajun yogurt marinade, keeping the chicken moist, saucy and plenty flavourful. To prepare the chicken, mix the chicken with freshly made from scratch cajun marinade. While the chicken is marinating, the veggies are partially roasted with olive oil, salt and pepper. Then, the veggies are topped with the chicken pieces and the marinade, and everything is roasted to perfection—nothing to it. sheet pan cajun chicken This gluten-free oven-baked chicken dinner is perfect for any night of the week. If you have 45 minutes, you can make this healthy cajun chicken with roasted veggies dinner. To keep this cajun chicken dish keto friendly, serve it as is. This meal is hearty on its own, but often, I will add this rice side or kale salad with ginger salad dressing, especially for the big appetites!

Prep Time icon Prep Time 15 Minutes
Difficulty icon Difficulty Easy
Cook Time icon Cook Time 45 Minutes
Serves icon Serves 4

The Very Best Jalapeno Poppers

Baked Mexican spiced Jalapeno Poppers stuffed with cheesy filling and topped with crispy bacon. These low-carb Jalapeno Poppers, known in Mexico as chiles rellenos, are filled with cream cheese, Mexican cheese blend, red onion, salsa, and are flavoured with basil and cumin. For the topping, crispy, smoky bacon. jalapeño peppers With using only a handful of ingredients, this indulgent gluten-free appetizer is perfect party food. You can stuff the jalapeno peppers ahead of time and store them in the refrigerator until your guests arrive. When ready, pop them in the oven for about fifteen minutes. The Jalapeno Poppers are a true classic that will always have great reviews. jalapeño poppers This low carb appetizer is about fresh jalapenos, cheese, and bacon. To make these poppers extra flavourful, I combined the three kinds of cheese. The cream cheese, mozzarella cheese and cheddar cheese. The salsa and red onions make everything extra tasty. To flavour the cheesy filling, I added a pinch of classic Mexican spices, such as basil and cumin. The tender bite of jalapeno, a little spiciness, and plenty of cheesy stuffing topped with crispy bacon make this the most delicious appetizer and acceptable for the keto diet. jalapeno poppers 

These Jalapeno Poppers are more than just an appetizer,

This Mexican recipe is more than just a gluten-free appetizer. If you follow a keto or grain-free diet, these mildly spicy little green peppers make for a perfect snack. The best part about Jalapeno Poppers is, they will satisfy even big appetites. jalapeno poppers Don't let the simplicity of this gluten-free appetizer or a snack fool you. The texture and flavours are unforgettable, and the Jalapeno Poppers are very addictive. After all, everything is better with bacon and melted cheese. best Jalapeno poppers Two of my favourite gluten-free recipes made with jalapeno peppers are Baked Tuna Melt Jalapeño Poppers and Meatballs Stuffed With Jalapeno And Mozzarella. I highly recommend them both. Enjoy!

Prep Time icon Prep Time 15 Minutes
Difficulty icon Difficulty Easy
Cook Time icon Cook Time 15 Minutes
Serves icon Serves 20

One Bowl Gluten-Free Banana and Carrot Muffins

Simplest One Bowl Gluten-Free Banana and Carrot Muffin recipe. These gluten-free muffins are egg-free, xanthan gum free, and a dairy-free option is included. If you have overripe bananas and a couple of carrots, you most likely have all the other ingredients in your gluten-free pantry to make these moist and delicious banana and carrot muffins. banana carrot muffin, gluten free 

How is this Gluten-Free Banana and Carrot Muffin recipe different?

You may already have a gluten-free banana and carrot muffin recipe. However, this recipe is different. First, the muffin is super moist. There are no eggs, or xanthan gum added. The dairy ingredients are easily substituted for a non-dairy version. This muffin has psyllium husks - a soluble fiber that promotes a healthy weight and has been known to lower a person's risk of heart disease. And, the only sweetener added is a small splash of pure maple syrup. The best part, you will need only one large bowl. So, super easy cleanup, and you don't even need an electric mixer. You will love this gluten-free muffin recipe! muffin recipe, gluten free 

the recipe,

I made these one-bowl gluten-free muffins because I have all these overripe bananas on my counter, making them an excellent sweetener for baking. I also added healthy carrots for flavour, moisture and healthiness. Many of my muffin recipes include eggs and xanthan gum. Because some of you are sensitive to eggs and xanthan gum, I wanted to create a muffin without these two ingredients. A good and healthy replacement for xanthan gum and eggs is psyllium husks. If you don't already have psyllium husks in your pantry, I recommend getting some. The psyllium husks is wonderful in bread or vegan baking, especially if you want to avoid eggs and add fiber. Check out our healthy Gluten-Free High Fiber Bread Recipe, or the Cassava Bread that is grain-free and nut free. one bowl muffin recipe, gluten free 

One bowl muffin details,

Start with one large bowl. Add the bananas and mash them up with a fork. To the same bowl, grate some carrots, and add all the wet ingredients. The wet ingredients are butter, milk, maple syrup, lemon juice, lemon zest and vanilla. Give the mixture good whisking until everything is well combined. It is important that all the ingredients are at room temperature, and the butter is softened.Now that all the wet ingredients are mixed, add flour, psyllium husks, baking powder, baking soda and salt. Give it a good stir, and you are ready to fill the muffin pan. The batter will be thick but don't worry, the muffins are moist and flavourful. I like to use an ice cream scoop to fill my muffin pan. When using the ice cream scoop, the batter is evenly measured, making all the muffins the same. banana carrot muffin, gluten free The Gluten-Free Banana and Carrot Muffins took 23 minutes to bake in my gas oven. Oven temperatures vary, so do the toothpick test to make sure the muffins are done. banana carrot muffin, gluten free To add extra sweetness and a hint of cinnamon, I mixed two tablespoons of powdered sugar with 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon. Then I generously dusted the muffins. This is optional, but the cinnamon sugar adds a bit of extra deliciousness. Enjoy!For the latest recipes and tips, please like us on Facebook or follow us on Pinterest and  Instagram.

Prep Time icon Prep Time 15 Minutes
Difficulty icon Difficulty Beginner
Cook Time icon Cook Time 23 Minutes
Serves icon Serves 12

Gluten-Free Caribbean Rum Cake

This holiday season wouldn't be complete without a Gluten-Free Caribbean Rum Cake. This Caribbean-Style Rum Cake is a super moist cake infused with sweet butter rum syrup making this cake extra delicious. In the Caribbean, this rum cake is often served during the Christmas festivities. This most flavourful cake will make a dessert platter stand out from most. caribbean rum cake, gluten free 

 What is Caribbean Rum Cake?

If you are unfamiliar with the Caribbean Rum Cake, it is a sponge cake soaked overnight in a sweet butter rum syrup. The rum cake's flavour intensifies with each day and will keep for several days at room temperature. This gluten-free dessert is extra special because it has a delicate rum flavour, and the cake is super soft and moist. This holiday dessert is truly outstanding and different from your typical Christmas cakes. caribbean rum cake The cake itself is nothing fancy - it is all about the butter rum syrup. To infuse the cake, you will need to poke holes in the cake after baking. The holes allow the cake to absorb the buttery flavourful rum syrup. By soaking the cake with the syrup, the cake becomes super soft, moist and incredibly tasty. gluten-free dessert 

Is alcohol gluten-free?

Not all alcohol is gluten-free! Even if it is made with wheat, barley or rye, pure distilled liquor is considered gluten-free. Then again, a beer that is often made with wheat or barley is not gluten-free because it is not distilled. Beer is mostly fermented with yeast. Also, be careful of distilled liquors with added flavourings or other additives because they may not be gluten-free. When it comes to rum, because it is distilled, it is gluten-free. However, some rums are flavoured and often are not gluten-free. caribbean dessert, gluten free What about wine? Wine is fermented, not distilled, and most wines are considered gluten-free. Wine is made from naturally gluten-free grapes. But, some brewing processes can result in gluten contamination.If you are looking for one more gluten-free dessert to add to your dessert platter, this Gluten-Free Caribbean Rum Cake is a must try dessert recipe. This Caribbean dessert is always a huge hit during holiday festivities. Enjoy! caribbean rum cake, gluten free Are you looking for last minute gluten-free easy dessert recipes? These are my favourites.2 Layer Grain-Free Chocolate CakeGluten-Free Chocolate Blackberry PieGluten-Free Coconut Lemon Custard PieFor the latest recipes and tips, please like us on Facebook or follow us on Pinterest and  Instagram.

Prep Time icon Prep Time 15 Minutes
Difficulty icon Difficulty Easy
Cook Time icon Cook Time 60 Minutes
Serves icon Serves 16 pc

Spicy Indian Stuffed Peppers

Spicy Indian Stuffed Peppers…the perfect Indian inspired dish filled with comfort food. The stuffed peppers are filled with tender meat and warming Indian spices such as cumin, curry, cinnamon, and fresh cilantro. The meat mixture is mixed with rice and for added healthiness, grated carrots. For extra spiciness, some cayenne pepper.  This healthy stuffed pepper recipe is gluten-free and egg-free. Indian stuffed peppers These Stuffed Peppers can be enjoyed during the cold winter months and served any night of the week. This gluten-free dinner recipe is super simple to make, and you can have the peppers in the oven in under twenty minutes. When the temperatures are falling and the days are super busy, there is nothing better than a flavourful, a little spicy warming dish to feel cozy with.

How to make this Spicy Indian Stuffed Pepper dish?

You will love this stuffed pepper recipe because it is simple, quick to put together and easy. Start with sauteing the onions. You want to add the onions when they are cooked and a little caramelized. They make the peppers taste so much better. Then you mix the meat with all the ingredients and stuff the peppers. If you have any leftover cooked rice, this is a great way to use it up. The peppers should be overflowing with the meat mixture. Indian stuffed peppers You will have some meat mixture leftover, which is used to intensify the flavour in the sauce. The leftover meat mixture is mixed with crushed tomatoes, water and a couple of teaspoons of tapioca or arrowroot starch. The starch will keep the sauce nice and thick, and the meat mixture will add robust flavour to the sauce. All in all, everything turns out utterly delicious. I have layered the baking dish with savoy cabbage leaves. The cabbage not only adds flavour but also stops the peppers from sticking without adding extra fats. Indian stuffed peppers Once the peppers are baked, serve them up with gluten-free naan bread or extra rice if you wish. And smother everything with the rich and flavourful sauce. I also like to add fresh cilantro leaves when I serve this gluten-free Indian inspired Stuffed Peppers dinner for extra flavour and beautiful colour. gluten free stuffed peppers Need more Indian inspired dinners? Here are our favourites.Pahadi Chicken DinnerLow-Fat Indian Butter Chicken

Prep Time icon Prep Time 20 Minutes
Difficulty icon Difficulty Easy
Cook Time icon Cook Time 65 Minutes
Serves icon Serves 4