Creamy Salmon Pasta – Gluten Free

Published on Jun 22, 2024

  by   Kristina Stosek

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Prep Time: 10 minutes Cook Time: 20 minutes Serves: 4
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This Gluten-Free Creamy Salmon Pasta Dish is ready in under 30 minutes. It features seared fresh salmon, zucchini, and cherry tomatoes in a luscious sauce made with coconut milk and cheese. This is a speedy gluten-free pasta dinner with salmon for any day of the week.

creamy salmon pasta

A Twist on Gluten-Free Pasta: Thai-Inspired Creamy Salmon Dish

This isn’t your usual Italian gluten-free pasta! The sauce features a subtle Thai spice blend, a hint of basil, and coconut milk.

Creamy Texture with Gruyere Cheese

For extra creaminess, Gruyere cheese enriches the sauce. It’s a light, not overly rich blend of cream and cheeses that highlights the wholesome salmon and fresh vegetables.

Effortless Creamy Salmon Pasta Dinner

I adore this wholesome salmon dinner recipe. It’s ready in minutes with outstanding results. This  salmon dish is perfect for both weeknight dinners and for special occasions.

creamy salmon pasta, gluten free

Searing the Salmon: Enhancing Juiciness

To begin, season the salmon with basil, salt, and pepper before searing it. This ensures the fish retains its delicious flavors and juices.

Infusing Flavors: Garlic and Zucchini Medley

In the same skillet used for the salmon, sauté garlic and zucchini. The skillet’s infused flavors from the salmon blend beautifully with the fresh zucchini.

Creating the Creamy Sauce: Thai-Inspired 

Next, incorporate Thai red curry paste, coconut milk, and cheese into the skillet. As the cheese melts, add fresh cherry tomatoes and return the salmon pieces to the mix.

creamy salmon pasta dinner

Combining Pasta with Creamy Sauce

Once the sauce is prepared, gently toss the pasta in the skillet until it’s thoroughly coated. If needed, incorporate some pasta water to adjust the sauce’s consistency.

Resting for Enhanced Flavor

Allow the pasta to rest for approximately 15 minutes before serving. This resting period allows the sauce to thicken and the pasta to absorb the rich flavors of the sauce.


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gluten free pasta

How to cook gluten-free pasta?

Not all gluten-free pasta cooks at the same rate, so it’s crucial to follow the package instructions. My top pick for gluten-free pasta is Barilla, which has consistently delivered excellent results for me and my family.

Barilla pasta is crafted from a blend of corn and rice flours, among other varieties available. We’ve found this particular blend to be our favorite due to its texture and taste.

When cooking the pasta, ensure the water is well-salted and avoid overcooking. The goal is to achieve al dente texture—firm to the bite and cooked just right.

To achieve al dente, drain the pasta about 2-3 minutes before the recommended cooking time on the package. This technique, favored by Italians, ensures the pasta retains a slight firmness, perfect for pairing with sauces.

creamy salmon pasta dinner, gluten free

Why is slightly undercooked pasta healthier?

Slightly undercooked pasta means that our stomach’s digestive enzymes take longer to break down the starch into sugars. Overcooking pasta increases its glycemic index (GI), which taxes organs such as the pancreas, and could lead to diabetes and obesity in the long run.

Salt or no salt in the water?

When pasta is cooked in salty water, the pasta will absorb some salt while cooking. The salt makes the pasta more flavourful and makes the entire dish more delicious.

To serve this most delicious Italian-Thai inspired creamy salmon pasta dish, I like to give it a good sprinkle of freshly grated Parmesan cheese and fresh herbs. And what goes well with pasta dinner? It all depends.

If you are looking to lighten the meal up, add a light Vegan Coleslaw. If you have big appetites to feed, add a side of our quick and easy Tear and Share Gluten Free Garlic Bread Yum!

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