gluten free desserts

Let’s say that you are one of those unfortunate individuals that just found out that you can never eat gluten again? Are you scared because you think that you will never be able to eat again a piece of your favorite cake, a muffin or a double chocolate cookie? Don’t be! You don’t need gluten to enjoy your favorite fantastic desserts!

Some people might think that desserts are the most difficult item to substitute on a gluten free diet. But the truth is that preparing gluten free desserts is easier than you imagine. The most important part when thinking about recipes for gluten free desserts is which are the best gluten free substitutions for your usual gluten pastry products.

Gluten Free desserts Substitutions

There are several types of gluten-free flour, and many commercial gluten-free flour blends typically include several kinds of non-wheat derived flour in one mix. Some flours provide protein, some provide texture, some provide flavor.

Some of the most common gluten-free flours are: Arrowroot, buckwheat flour, coconut flour, corn flour, nut flours, rice flour..

Depending on the gluten free dessert that you want to cook, some gluten-free flours might work better than others. For example, for baking muffins you can use a gluten-free all-purpose flour but for cakes you might need to use a combination of different flours to get the perfect result.

Xanthan Gum:

Xanthan gum is not a flour but it is usually a staple in gluten free baking. Xanthan gum is milled powder and it replaces the gluten in breads is a huge asset in baking with gluten-free flours. A small amount is enough to bind the dough for all types of pastry.

Healthy Gluten free Recipes

New to the gluten-free world and looking for healthy gluten-free desserts? We have good news for you. Baking gluten free desserts is easier than you expect. Have a look at these delicious gluten free dessert recipes and decide which one you will make next.

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie – The Healthy Version: We all love pies, but usually they are very sugary. Try this healthy version of the traditional Strawberry Rhubarb pie! The natural sweetness from the ripe fruit will surprise you!
Gluten Free Fresh Fruit Tart: Filled with nutritious fruits such as apricots, raspberries and blueberries, this fruit tart is the ideal healthy dessert for a hot summer day.

Gluten Free Easy Desserts

Sometimes, we don’t have much time for prepare desserts and we tend to buy them ready-to-be-eaten from the supermarket. But it is possible to prepare delicious gluten free easy desserts in less than 15 minutes! Now you have no excuses!

Some of our recommendations are:

Gluten Free Cinnamon Donuts: When it comes to gluten free comfort food nothing beats homemade Cinnamon Donuts! Making donuts from scratch can seem overwhelming, but they are fast and easy to prepare.

Easy Paleo Brownies: Believe it or not, these nutty chocolaty brownies just need 5 minutes preparation and 10 ingredients! They will become a favorite in your life!

Gluten Free Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie: Are you looking for the best oatmeal chocolate cookies? Look no more, you found them! In 10 minutes you will have healthy homemade cookies for the rest of the week!
Sure, supermarkets have plenty of packaged gluten-free desserts but there is nothing like homemade cookies warm from the oven or a homemade cake. If you are looking for more recipes for gluten free desserts, check out our desserts section.

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