What You Should Know About Processed Meats When Following a Gluten-Free Diet

Following a gluten-free diet can be disconcerting especially if you are just getting started. Identifying foods that are gluten-free can be frustrating because not only the ingredients but also the processing of food is essential to avoid cross-contamination    Here is a list of things you should know about processed meats       Are […]

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How to Easily Find Gluten or Dairy Free Treats While Traveling

BY JANE SANDWOOD Travel can cause stress when unsafe drinking water is an issue. Now make finding edible food is a challenge, too, and it can put a damper on the excitement of any trip. The good news is that it’s currently easier to find gluten-free and dairy-free snacks than it was years before. Even […]

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Tips and Tricks for Gluten-Free Baking Today

BY LISA BROWN While people who suffer from celiac disease have to stay away from gluten, it may also have an adverse effect on people who do not have the same condition. That’s just one of the reasons why gluten-free baking is becoming more and more popular. If you would like to try out this […]

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10 Must-Have Ingredients For The Gluten-Free Pantry

If you are new to gluten-free living, this information will help you get started cooking gluten-free. Going gluten-free may seem overwhelming at first, but with the 10 must-have ingredients, you will find that gluten-free cooking can be fun. Where do you start? You love muffins, sandwiches, pizza, pasta and desserts so where do you go from […]

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Celiac Disease In Seniors: What You Need To Know

BY JANE SANDWOOD Gluten-free diets are becoming more popular in Canada with around one-third of Canadians looking to buy gluten-free products. People buy these products because they want to gluten-free diet based on perceived health benefits or because they have a medical need such as Celiac disease. Celiac disease can affect people of any age but studies have […]

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What Are Canada’s Best Gluten-Free Food Events?

BY JANE SANDWOOD Attending gluten-free events is a must for anyone with celiac disease. With 90% of cases going undiagnosed, even those who don’t have an official diagnosis can benefit from these events. For those who have received the news that they have got the condition, suddenly being told that you can no longer eat the […]

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Coffee Actually has Health Benefits

Coffee has been a beverage that has set-off many debates in the scientific community. Researchers are pretty divided on whether this beverage is an elixir or a poison. But one opinion stands true and popular for the general populace: Coffee is delicious! It is a popular beverage all over the world. For years, this drink […]

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Here’s What You Need To Know About Gluten-Free Barbecuing

BY JANE SANDWOOD Gluten-related disorders affect officially only 1% of Canadians, however, researchers have discovered that the real figure is likely to be significantly higher with the disease believed to be going undiagnosed in a staggering 90% of cases. On top of this growing numbers of people are choosing to exclude gluten from their diet. […]

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What Are Ketones and How Does Ketosis Work In Your Body?

BY JOHN HAWTHORNE Ketones — It sounds like a musical term one uses when tuning a piano to help maintain a harmonic balance. Far from musical, ketones do however play a very important role in keeping a different type of instrument balanced, tuned and ready for any type of performance: your body. The musical analogy […]

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