Our Top 14 Gluten-Free Squash Recipes

These glute-free squash recipes offer a collection of wholesome dishes featuring various types of squash, from creamy butternut soups to roasted acorn squash with savory herbs. These recipes are about the earthy, sweet, and nutty flavors of squash, making it a versatile ingredient for hearty casseroles, flavorful curries, and even sweet treats like pumpkin pie.

Whether you prefer a simple roasted side dish or a complex, spiced stew, squash recipes provide a perfect blend of comfort and nutrition for any season.

cubed acorn squash



What is squash?

Squash is a fruit because it contains seeds belonging to the gourd family. It comes in various types, including butternut, acorn, zucchini, and pumpkin.

Is squash healthy?

Yes, squash is a nutritious vegetable. It’s a good source of vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber. It’s low in calories and can be part of a healthy diet.

How do I store squash?

Store squash in a cool, dry place. Winter squash can be stored for several months, while summer squash is best used within a week or two.

Can I eat the skin of all types of squash?

The skin of some squash varieties is edible, such as zucchini and delicata squash. For others, like butternut or acorn squash, the skin is typically removed before cooking. However, when cooked, the skin is also edible.

Can I freeze squash?

Yes, you can freeze squash. It’s best to blanch it briefly before freezing to preserve its quality. Frozen squash can be used in soups, stews, and casseroles.

What’s the difference between summer squash and winter squash?

Summer squash, like zucchini and yellow squash, have tender, edible skins and are harvested in the summer. Winter squash, such as butternut and acorn, have thicker, inedible skins and are harvested in the fall for winter storage.

Can squash be used in desserts?

Yes, squash is often used in sweet dishes, such as pumpkin pie, butternut squash bread, and zucchini muffins. It can add a natural sweetness and moisture to baked goods.


Our Top 14 Gluten-Free Squash Recipes


4 Ingredient Double Stuffed Butternut Squash

This double stuffed butternut squash recipe is simple to make and has only 4 ingredients plus spices.  The cheesy filling is delicately spiced as not to overpower the tasty squash. Serve as a healthy side replacing mashed potatoes or as a main



vegan, lentil, butternut, squash, soup


Vegan Lentil Butternut Squash Soup

The earthy lentils combined with the sweetness of butternut squash make a super tasty hearty soup. Serve as a starter or a complete vegan meal in a bowl




Gluten-Free Apple Butternut Squash Stuffing

his heavenly stuffing is moist on the inside with a crispy, tasty topping. The apples, butternut squash, homemade gluten-free seasoned stuffing croutons, spices, herbs, stock and a little butter, make this stuffing unforgettable.


creamy butternut squash pasta sauceCreamy Butternut Squash Pasta Sauce

This deliciously seasoned creamy pasta sauce recipe is super easy to make and is acceptable for a gluten-free, vegan and paleo diet. Serve over gluten-free pasta, such as penne or rigatoni



pumpkin pie bars, grain free


Grain-Free Pumpkin Pie Bars

This dessert made from pumpkin squash is lightly sweetened, smooth, perfectly spiced with warming spices and has an almond buttery shortbread crust. YUM!


butternut, squash, bisqueBest Gluten-Free Butternut Squash Bisque

Bisque is usually smooth and creamy deliciously seasoned soup. This gluten-free butternut squash bisque is packed with flavour with a hint of orange.  This healthy bisque is also dairy-free, vegan and diet friendly. This soup recipe is a keeper



Thai Red Curry With Chickpeas and Butternut Squash

Vegan Thai Red Curry With Chickpeas and Butternut Squash recipe made with chickpeas, butternut squash, Thai spices, coconut milk, vegetable broth, fresh lime juice and plenty of cilantro. Rich and flavorful dish for cooler weather.

squash pesto cream sauce pasta, gluten free


Squash With Pesto Cream Sauce Pasta

This gluten-free recipe is all about nutritious Squash With Pesto Cream Sauce and Pasta. The sauce is made with seasonal butternut squash and tender young zucchini and with only a handful of ingredients.  Easy recipe!


pumpkin carrot cake on a plate


Amazing Gluten Free Pumpkin Carrot Cake

An extra moist layered cake made with a blend of pumpkin, carrots, pineapple, and walnuts slathered with the fluffiest pumpkin cream cheese frosting hinted with cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, and lemon.


butternut squash, pizza

Gluten-Free Butternut Squash Pizza

A gluten-free pizza crust doesn’t have to be made with only flour. In today’s world, a healthy approach to making pizza is adding vegetables to the crust. In this recipe I used butternut squash, adding valuable nutrients and fibre. This pizza crust can hold plenty of toppings, feel free to choose your favourites



potato, acorn, mashAcorn Squash and Sweet Potato Mash

Looking for a healthier option of mashed potatoes? Try this delicious sweet potato and acorn squash mash recipe. This side of sweet potato acorn squash mash is simple to make and is packed with healthy nutrients. Dairy-free option included



stuffed acorn squash with cheesy buffalo leftover turkey


Cheesy Buffalo Turkey Acorn Squash Bowl

With only 10 ingredients, you can convert leftover turkey into the most delicious roasted stuffed acorn squash dish that is gluten-free and easy to prepare.



Gluten-Free Butternut Squash Apple Cake

Imagine a cake made with squash and apples that your entire family will love! Honestly, every time I make this butternut squash-apple cake, there isn’t a crumb left over. This deliciously flavoured moist cake can be served as a dessert, snack or polish it off for breakfast. Your family will never know that this healthy gluten-free dessert is made with butternut squash I promise!


gluten free chocolate chip zucchini muffin


Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Zucchini Muffins

This muffin is made with two cups of freshly grated zucchini, a summer squash, coconut oil, and pure cocoa. The muffins are dairy-free, gluten-free, and are sweetened with coconut sugar. And, they taste better than ones from a bakery.

Many types of squash, especially winter squash like pumpkin and butternut squash, are closely associated with the fall season. The vibrant colors and flavors of squash dishes are reminiscent of autumn harvests and Thanksgiving feasts.

Please check out our complete list of wholesome gluten-free recipes for inspiration.

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