Gluten-Free Flours & Grains What You Need To Know

“sponsored content”   Rice flours: Rice is one of the world’s great food staples—all the cultures of the Far East depended on its cultivation to develop their civilizations. Brown or white rice flour can be interchanged, cup for cup, in our all-purpose gluten-free flour mixture, though you may need to add a little extra water […]

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What Happens if Our Children Eat Too Much Sugar?

Most recent UK survey showed that our kids are getting almost 12-16% of their daily calories from added sugar. As per sugar science, limits of sugar for children vary depending on their age and caloric needs but range between 3-6 teaspoons (12 – 25 grams) per day, translating to a maximum of 5% of their […]

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beef and potato calzone

Gluten-Free Beef & Potato Calzones From Scratch (step by step instructions)

Here is a delicious recipe that I have been working on this weekend. I always wanted to create gluten-free calzones from scratch that were simple enough for anyone to make. Calzone is an Italian oven-baked folded pizza with various fillings.  First time I was introduced to calzones was during my travels in the south of […]

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Making Breakfast Easy: Fast And Delicious Gluten-Free Recipes

BY JANE SANDWOOD Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gives you energy to power you through the morning and also sets you up for making better food decisions hours later. In fact, people who eat breakfast are 12.3% healthier throughout the day than those who skip it, Fast Company reports. And when you’re […]

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keto diet, gluten free

Is Keto Diet Gluten-Free?

In recent months many of you have asked me to create gluten-free Keto recipes. It is important to know that most Gluten-Free recipes are not Keto-friendly, and some Keto recipes are not gluten-free. The difference is, a gluten-free diet is just that a diet without gluten in many cases high in carbs. Keto diet is a diet […]

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The Best Gluten Free Flour Blends

What goes into making good gluten free flour? Well firstly, there is no single substitute. It requires a fine blend of ingredients as well as a binding agent like Xanthan gum, or Guar gum that will replace the component that helps the flour, eggs and other ingredients bind together. You can definitely make your own […]

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brownies, chickpea,dates,chocolate

Healthy Gluten-Free Snacks to Eat on the Go

Life is hectic these days. We are expected to be available around the clock, and many people find themselves commuting further than ever. When you add in that some of us have kids, or other responsibilities outside of work, then it could seem like there just isn’t enough time to get everything done. This especially […]

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Quinoa Garlic Cheese Flatbread: A Fun Gluten-Free Alternative To A Tasty Classic

If you’ve decided to go gluten-free for either health or medical reasons, then you know just difficult it can be to go without garlic bread. The taste is incredible and addictive, not to mention that it makes the perfect side dish for a Caesar salad or pasta meal. But thanks to this delicious quinoa garlic […]

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