Is Keto Diet Gluten-Free?

In recent months many of you have asked me to create gluten-free Keto recipes. Most Gluten-Free recipes are not Keto friendly, and some Keto recipes are not gluten-free. The difference is, a gluten-free diet is just that a diet without gluten in many cases high in carbs. Keto diet is a diet low in carbs, 25 – 40 grams per day, moderate protein and high in fats but still can include gluten. For many, carbs can result in weight gain, this is why I will be introducing gluten-free Keto recipes for those that would like to start a gluten-free Ketogenic diet


Just very briefly what is Keto Diet?


The Keto Diet, Ketogenic Diet or LCHF is not your typical low carb high protein diet. In this diet, the ratios are moderate in protein, high in fat and low in carbohydrates. This macro-nutrient ratio allows the body to change from using carbs for energy to using fat. In keto diet, the body produces ketones in the liver that are then used as energy


Our bodies are incredibly adaptive. When we consume fats and remove carbohydrates, we start burning ketones as the primary energy source. Keto diet has been well documented as burning fat reserves and rapid weight loss. But also there are neurological benefits and mental performance benefits. For more detailed information about ketogenic diet check out this Harward Health Publishing article


In addition to my gluten-free, diet friendly, paleo, vegetarian and healthy kids recipes, I am the developing easy to make healthy gluten-free keto recipes. These keto recipes will help you get started on a gluten-free Ketogenic diet.


This Gluten-Free Keto Blackberry Lemon Muffin is a wonderful way to start your day or enjoy as a delicious snack. I will keep you posted on my healthy gluten-free keto recipes.