15 Delicious Ways To Cook With Gluten-Free Noodles

Today, we share our collection of favorite gluten-free and nutritious noodle recipes. For a healthier, budget-friendly recipe, noodles are an excellent go-to choice. Noodle recipes offer a versatile and delicious solution for those seeking easy gluten free weeknight meals.

schezwan noodles in a bowl with chopsticks, gluten free

Our noodle dishes are quick and easy to make, well seasoned, include plenty of vegetables, sometimes made with leftovers, and don’t compromise flavor.

Gluten free noodles come in various shapes, textures, and ingredients. The best part is that you can incorporate noodles in many recipes, such as ramen soups, comforting Italian pasta dishes, rainbow-colored stir-fries, casseroles, skillet meals, and salads.

Check out our list of well-tested gluten-free noodle recipes to find your next favorite!


15 + Delicious Ways To Cook With Gluten-Free Noodles


ramen salad, vegan, gluten free

Vegan Ramen Salad With Sesame Ginger Dressing 

This is gluten-free noodle salad made with sesame ginger dressing plenty of fresh healthy veggies, cashews and sesame seeds. This vegan meal is particularly sought after in the cooler months when big, robust flavours are needed.


garlic, noodles

Gluten-Free Sticky Garlic Noodles 

This is a subtle gluten-free noodle dish lightly sweetened and flavoured with fresh garlic. This satisfying dish is all about basic ingredients, simply prepared, yet delivering oodles of flavour. This is one of the all-time favourites, a take on a classic Asian noodle dish.

gluten-free basil noodles

Honey Garlic Roasted Chicken with Basil Butter Noodles

The simply made basil butter gluten-free noodles take minutes to prepare and balance the crispy sweet honey garlic chicken. A delicious side to replace rice or potatoes.



gluten-free noodle salad

Vietnamese Rice Noodle Salad 

This Gluten-Free Rice Noodle Salad is for one of those days when you need a refreshing salad low in calories and fat. The salad is made with gluten-free rice vermicelli noodles, cucumber, carrots, red bell pepper and plenty of fresh mint.


gluten-free curry noodles

Coconut Curry Noodles With Fresh Vegetables 

If I had to have a favourite gluten-free noodle dish, this Vegan Coconut Curry Noodles with Fresh Vegetables is probably on top of my list. Healthy ingredients, simply prepared delivering oodles of flavour in a nutritious way. Sooo good!


gluten-free pasta bake

One Pot Creamy Tomato Pasta Bake 

What I love about this gluten-free one pot creamy tomato noodle bake is the simplicity. The ingredients are pretty basic except for the Gruyere cheese, and it takes only 10 minutes to prepare.


spicy soba noodles gluten free

Monday Night Spicy Soba Noodles

This gluten-free noodle recipe is the simplest of simple. This healthy dish is made with soba noodles, chicken, miso, garlic, nut butter, veggies, herbs and spices and sesame seeds.

schezwan noodles in a bowl with chopsticks, gluten free

15 Minute Gluten Free Schezwan Noodles

This Schezwan noodles dish does not need introduction. Packed with flavor and the perfect quick and easy meal for when you’re short on time or craving Chinese takeout and want something delicious and nutritious.


Parsley Black Beans & Tomatoes Pasta, gluten free

Parsley Black Beans & Tomatoes Pasta

This ridiculously easy recipe is all about fresh parsley, black beans, fresh cherry tomatoes, plenty of fresh garlic and olive oil tossed with gluten-free noodles.


thai noodles, gluten free

Saucy Thai Noodles

This gluten-free Saucy Thai Noodles dish tastes just like takeout Thai food. The rice noodles and fresh vegetables are coated in the most delicious sweet and spicy Thai sauce made entirely from scratch.


gluten-free pasta

20 Minute Gluten-Free Tomato and Feta Pasta

Fresh tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, herbs, feta cheese and fresh parsley is what makes this Italian gluten-free noodle dish exceptional.


gluten free vegan chow mein

Gluten-Free Vegan Chow Mein 

Stir fries are a quick way to cook healthy meals because the ingredients retain most of their flavor, texture, and nutrients. The idea is to toss the ingredients continually so they stir-fry rather than fry.


creamy thai chicken

30 Minute Creamy Thai Chicken with Noodles

Any day is a good day to make a healthy gluten-free chicken dinner. This colourful creamy Thai chicken takes minutes to prepare and cooks under 15 minutes.


gluten-free Alfredo pasta

One Skillet Gluten-Free Alfredo Basil Pasta Dinner

The gluten-free noodles are smothered with creamy, cheesy, basil pesto sauce, then baked with mozzarella cheese. The best part, all you need is seven ingredients plus salt and pepper to make the tasty, satisfying gluten-free Italian pasta meal.


thai chicken ramen, gluten free

Easy Thai Cashew Chicken Ramen 

A flavourful creamy Thai Cashew Chicken Ramen is a hot, hearty meal cooked under 30 minutes. This recipe is based on Japanese noodle dish called ramen with added Thai flavours.


beef and mushroom noodle casserole

Gluten-Free Ground Beef and Mushroom Casserole 

This Ground Beef and Mushroom Casserole is a thirty-minute weeknight noodle recipe. The gluten-free noodles are smothered with a cheesy, meaty sauce seasoned with basil and oregano.


singapore gluten-free noodles

Leftover Chicken or Turkey Singapore Style Noodles

Let’s talk about leftovers! Turn turkey or chicken leftovers into a Singapore style gluten-free noodle dish. This means snow peas, mushrooms, bell peppers, carrots, rice vermicelli and spices such as curry, garlic and ginger.


Gluten-free noodle recipes offer a versatile and delicious solution for those seeking flavor and nutritional value. Whether you’re dealing with dietary restrictions or simply looking for an easy weekly dinner recipe, these recipes provide a range of options to explore.


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