Gluten Free Food Trends That Will Be Hot in 2017

With 2016 behind us let us focus on gluten free food trends in the New Year. Inevitably as soon as New Year rolls around having a fresh start and improving our health are always the focus. We have become even more health conscious than ever before. There are many diets namely paleo, gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, grain free, egg free and low carb, to name a few. Some of us who must follow certain diets because of food sensitivities or allergies in order to stay healthy; others do it for weight loss or because certain foods make them feel better. So what is new for 2017?


Here Are Our Top Gluten Free Food Trends For 2017


In the New Year, there will be a greater focus on vegetarian food including more vegan dishes. Vegetables are going to become the primary focus on our plates


roasted butternut squash salad


Pasta is holding strong, especially made from quinoa, black beans and chickpeas




Mediterranean flavours using Middle Eastern spices, such as turmeric a spice that is high in anti-inflammatory properties will be prevalent in many soups and stews.




Sweet Sorghum flour, another ancient grain that is also gluten free and will replace rice and quinoa flour in many recipes




Big bowls will be huge in 2017. Bowls will be filled with a variety of healthy foods such as gluten free whole grains, proteins and vegetables are going to be the leading trend. Big bowls are easy to prepare, budget friendly because you can use leftovers and are a fabulous healthy dinner option




In conclusion, we will be focused on gluten free whole grains, raw veggies and fruit, seeds, nuts and plant-based proteins.


You will find a large selection of healthy gluten free recipes on this website because we care what matters to you. They are easy to follow, and many are budget friendly


Here is to a Healthy Happy New Year!