What Are Canada’s Best Gluten-Free Food Events?



Attending gluten-free events is a must for anyone with celiac disease. With 90% of cases going undiagnosed, even those who don’t have an official diagnosis can benefit from these events.

For those who have received the news that they have got the condition, suddenly being told that you can no longer eat the same foods you’ve enjoyed for years can be a shock to the system.

Therefore, going to specialist gluten- free events is a great way to educate yourself, try free samples and meet other Canadians with the condition. So, whether you want to find out the benefits of a gluten-free diet or pick up some ideas for recipes, these are the go-to gluten-free events in Canada.

Gluten Free Expo

Gluten Free Expo is the country’s largest gluten-free event. October will see a weekend of free samples and information being handed out at the Big Four Building in Calgary.

While, registered dietitians, nutritionists, doctors, and chefs will be available at the Vancouver Convention Center in January next year. For too long, gluten-free food has been thought of as tasteless and bland.

That may have been true years ago, but with new recipes constantly be trialed and products released onto the market, gluten free food has come a long way since its initial days.

Therefore, the live demonstrations and meal ideas that Expo offers are a great way to encourage those with celiac disease to get in the kitchen and start cooking.

Gluten Free Garage

Gluten Free Garage is a pop-up gluten-free marketplace due to hold its seventh event in Toronto, in May. The event has got bigger and better each year since its launch and promises to give attendees the opportunity to discover local retailers which cater for those requiring a gluten-free diet.

Individuals also get the chance to sample and purchase items, learn about living a gluten-free lifestyle and there are plenty of freebies on offer, too, including tote bags and coupons.

Why are gluten free events so successful?

Gluten-free events are held in various countries across the world and each one is attended by thousands of individuals with the disease and their families.

These events continue to be a success and are held year on year because people want to educate themselves and because they want to taste good food.

With so many people attending these events, it’s vital that organizers use reliable event management software to ensure everything goes without a hitch so that customers have a seamless experience and want to return to the next event.

Gluten-free living isn’t a choice for most and overhauling the way you eat can be tough. Gluten-free food events promise to enlighten those with celiac disease to a new way of thinking, eating and shopping.