7 Top Gluten Free Cities All Over the World



Who doesn’t love bakery stuff! The smell of that fresh, perfectly baked sweet bread, or those little colorful doughnuts! Too bad most of them have got gluten, which isn’t suited to some of us.

Forget breads, even sausages and pancakes, even pizzas have gluten! But the good news is that, in these times of gluten free crisis and absolute peril, there are still so many places where we can find organic goodies to sustain our pizza cravings, cake needs and other treats!




Here are the 7, top gluten free cities in the world


where you can indulge


in the most exotic of snacks!


  1. Chicago

Home to over 240 gluten free establishments, the restaurants in Chicago are slowly increasing their inventory of no-gluten stuff. Not in the mood for their infamous deep dished pizzas? No problem! There’s beer!

Yes, you read it right, there’s zero gluten beer, made at their very own breweries and come in coffee flavor too! If this isn’t enticing enough to make you want to pack your bags right away, there’s also a range of salads and of course, bread to go with it!

Gone are the days of worrying and asking the waiter if your favorite dish on the menu is free of gluten, all you have to do is head on out to Orange and Wildfire eateries and eat to your hearts content!


  1. Prague

The wondrous city of Prague with it’s 105 or so no-gluten friendly abodes has an abundance of organic foods! From pastas to schnitzels, vegan dumplings to tiramisu- the food here isn’t just tummy friendly, it’s oh-so good!

Each restaurant has improvised on their grassroots and traditional Czech culinary with the outcome of wholesome goodness, additive-free and nourishing meals.


  1. Barcelona

You’ll be drawn to each and every establishment in Barcelona, which have gluten safe foods you can’t even pronounce! Even the vegetables here are gluten free, and the tortillas too!

Experience Spain in its true wonder, with no worry about allergies! Head on out to these two famous eateries- Copasetic and Lolita Taperia, for the best gluten free meal of your life!


  1. Dublin

Drink away and dance with the Irish, without getting tensed about your gluten intolerances, at the city of Dublin, with its whopping 330 plus such hotels! They also have dairy free, wheat free stuff which taste equally good.

They don’t just have substitutes for gluten, but also make special meals which don’t require it, and does not disappoint! You must visit the Cornucopia for the best experience!


  1. Mexico City

You don’t have to worry if your Spanish is too rusty to ask the waiter for a gluten free menu at Mexico City, because most of them are! Indulge like the Mexicans do, with their gluten free burritos, nachos, quesadillas and the variety of lip smacking salsas.

Why, even their candy is completely zero gluten! You should definitely try these in Mexico! Maybe engage in some dancing while you’re there too!


  1. Maui

What could possibly be better than being in ‘heaven on earth-Hawaii’? Finding a gluten free establishment there, for sure! Have a pizza by the beach, or maybe a drink or two.

Most drinks are free from gluten, the fruits are organic and well, the sea food is out of this world! There’s a place called ‘Down To Earth Organic and Natural’, do go have a look see.

It’s a market, but has a bakery too. Another is ‘Honu’, with great service and homely courtesy.


  1. Amsterdam

Amsterdam has got to be the most amazing place in Europe to enjoy gluten free food through the cozy little gluten-free cafes! With over 250 places to eat healthy and organic meals, these places serve authentic cuisine and ensure everything is gluten free.

There’s also a buffet spread available at many places, so you may want to check that out too! Head out to the Rijksmuseum Café for the best meals.


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