Detox for a Healthy Body

There is nothing new about detoxing. It has been a part of our healing for many years. The practice of detoxing has changed from the ancient concepts of fasting to healthy eating.

To build a better immune system detoxing is the foundation to better physical and mental health. Reducing the toxic overload and improving your daily nutrition will make a significant difference in a short time. The human body is build to cope with a certain amount of toxins. However, a toxic overload can lead to ill health, weight gain and lack of energy

In our modern world detoxing has become an instant solution to over-indulgence. You simply can’t expect huge benefits from one day of fasting or detoxing after months of consuming junk food, too much alcohol, no exercise and stress.

The vast majority of illness comes from toxic overload. That said everyone could indulge once in a while like over holidays, special occasions or just an occasional treat.

Toxins can be formed by poor digestion of protein and fat, which can happen when the liver is not functioning optimally. Many of our vegetarian and vegan recipes such as detox lentil salad and turmeric detox soup are specifically created to increase enzyme release that aids good digestion and help the elimination of waste products from the body.


include high protein, iron, folate, vitamin B1, healthy heart, weight loss, cancer, help with digestions, and maintain healthy nervous system just to name a few. This vegan recipe comes together fast and easy with added health benefits that help you detox your body for optimum health. Include this tasty lentil salad in your lunchbox, as a main, side or as anytime healthy snack. Enjoy!



Everyone, no matter how healthy they may be, would benefit from the occasional detox. Detoxing is also an excellent way to help you recover from illness. But if you have been ill, always consult medical advice before starting a detox





Detox drinks are especially popular, they are easy to prepare and taste delicious.






Choose organic produce and eat whole food with lots of fiber

Reduce refined foods such as sugar, additives and colourings

Eat small regular meals

Don’t drink water with your meals as this dilutes the digestive juices

Drink 8 glasses of water or herbal teas a day between meals, 1 hour before or 1 hour after a meal is best

Eliminate alcohol and caffeine

Exercise and rest




In conclusion, the first step to a successful detox is, cut out the habits that cause toxins. Such as alcohol, caffeine and sugar. For most effective detox diet, try to consume only organic produce, exercise, rest and drink eight glasses of water a day. There is a broad range of detox diets available, but when you follow a vegetarian or vegan diet and eliminate habits that cause toxic overload you are on your way to healthier and happier you. Discover the power of food to detox and purify your body through our recipes


This article is for informational purposes only, and is not meant to offer medical advice