30 Gluten-Free Apple Recipes We Love


fresh apples and cinnamon sticks in a bowl


Gluten-Free Apple Recipes We Love


Fall is about fresh, crispy, bright coloured apples. I have selected thirty of our most popular gluten-free apple recipes this fall. Many of you may have already tried our classic gluten-free apple pie, but there is much more!

Tasty, moist muffins, creamy soups, breakfast loaves, cakes, crispy salads and our favourite savoury apple dishes are always a huge hit. Apples can be used in many recipes, making it even easier to eat an apple each day.

When it comes to a fruit variety, apples are at the top. More than 100 varieties are grown commercially in the United States alone. The only apple native to the United States is the crab apple.

According to USDA, the top countries that produce apples are China, the United States, Poland and Turkey. China alone produces over 44 million metric tons each year.

The most grown apples in America are gala, red delicious, granny smith, fuji and honeycrisp. An average person in America consumes between 17 lb – 20 lb of apples per year.

Because apples are rich in antioxidants, flavonoids, dietary fiber, and low in calories, including them in our diet will boost our immune system and promote a healthy body.

Unfortunately, apples are included in the dirty dozen list of foods, so buy organic when possible or local apples from fresh markets and wash them well with all-natural fruit and vegetable wash.

Best Apples For Baking, Cooking And Crispy Salads


Granny Smith | Braeburn | Jonagold | Honeycrisp | Cortland


Honeycrisp | Fuji | Empire | Pink Lady | Envy | Rave

Savoury dishes

Braeburn | Cameo | Gala | Granny Smith | Fuji | Empire

Jams and Jellies

Crab apple | Ambrosia | Gala | Fuji

Juicy Apples

Granny Smith | Fuji | Cameo

Crispy Apples

Honeycrisp | Braeburn | Gala | Empire | Pink Lady

Sweet Apples

Pink lady | Sugarbee | Honeycrisp | Gala | Fuji | Empire | Golden Delicious

Tart Apples

Cortland | Cameo | Granny Smith | Idared | Crab apple

Sweet-Tart Apples

RubyFrost | Sweetango | Jonathan | Cosmic Crisp | Jonagold | Pinata 

With so many choices the question is, which variety will work best for each recipe. I find that combining different textures and mixing sweet types with tart ones will give you the best results in gluten-free apple recipes


Gluten-Free Apple Recipes To Try This Fall


Classic apple pie

Baked apples with blueberries and pecans

Grain-free poppy seed apple muffin

French toast apple strata

Paleo apple cinnamon muffin


caramel apple pie gluten free


Maple caramel apple tart

Sweet potato and apple soup

Apple raisin fritters

Pumpkin pie with cinnamon apple swirl yogurt bowl

Thanksgiving Brussel sprouts

Vegan apple pie bread

Carrot apple coconut muffins


oatmeal pancakes, gluten free


Vegan apple oatmeal pancakes

Apple raisin crumble with oat topping

Apple cinnamon frittata

Quick and easy apple cinnamon muffins

Best blueberry apple muffins

Butternut squash apple cake

Apple streusel muffins


apple pie, gluten free


Apple pie without a crust

Apple streusel cake

Stewed red cabbage with apples

Upside down apple-honey pumpkin cake

Apple cinnamon chips

Cream of butternut squash apple soup

Apple cinnamon buckwheat pancakes

Hot quinoa breakfast apple casserole


chia pudding


Vanilla chia pudding with apple compote

Quinoa apple rhubarb crisp

Dates apples & sage pork chops




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