Our Favourite Gluten Free Moroccan Recipes

The cuisine of Morocco is unique to any others – it is made up of many other cultures that have added to Morocco over the years, including Mediterranean, Arabic, Andalusian and Berber cuisine.  Moroccan food never shies away from spices, flavouring its food with a wide array of different tantalizing flavours, smells and textures.   Here are just a few of our favourite recipes from Morocco – all healthy and gluten free.

Middle Eastern Spicy Carrot Ribbon Salad

This light and flavourful starter salad goes excellently with fish or chicken and is high in antioxidants.  It is also in the nature of a salad to be easy to make and throw together with minimal effort and in no time at all.  This salad is sweet with the natural sugars of carrots and sweet onion, as well as savoury with a kick due to its clever use of cumin and cilantro.  High in fibre and low in fat, this salad is a great way to shake up the way you may think of a salad in general, as well as opening your pallet to taste combinations not as commonly used in other kinds of cuisine.

Marinated Japanese Eggplant With Raisins And Pine Nuts

The unique savoury texture of the Japanese eggplant (so named for its generally eastern origins, not necessarily for its country of origin) paired with the nature’s candy of raisins and nuts make for a delicious dish that goes well when served in small plates.  Baked to perfection, this recipe can change the way you see eggplant forever.   This recipe also requires some marinating, but only after all the preparation has been finished and not before, so you can still make this recipe on whim without too much forward planning

 Spicy Moroccan Pork Kebabs

This kebab works well indoors or out, in winter or summer, because it can be made using an oven as much as it can be made using barbecue.  The succulent spicy pork paired with the sweetness and nutrition of the red pepper make for a delicious combination.  This recipe also uses a taste combination distinct to Moroccan pallet: maple syrup and cumin.  The sweetness paired with spice is Morocco’s signature taste – and even lends a bit of a Canadian sensibility if you want to see it that way!

Try out these delicious recipes at home and let Morocco influence your kitchen with these tasty, healthy, gluten free meals.