10 Gluten-Free Bread Recipes

Here are our top 10 Gluten-Free Bread Recipes that even novice bakers can master. Nothing beats the satisfaction of baking a fresh loaf of bread. Whenever the air gets chilly, we find ourselves drawn to the kitchen to bake bread.

The delightful aroma of baking bread lingering in the home, offering warmth and comfort, particularly on rainy days. It’s truly unbeatable!

Perfecting these gluten-free bread recipes took time and effort as I aimed for the ideal texture, crust, and flavor in each listed recipe.

gluten-free bread

Baking gluten-free presents unique challenges compared to traditional wheat recipes. With various gluten-free flours, blends, starches, fats, yeast, baking powder, and baking soda available, each ingredient is meticulously chosen to craft the perfect gluten-free bread. My goal was to avoid the pitfalls of crumbly, dry, and flavorless bread.

Gluten-free binding ingredients – why do we need them in baking?

A binding agent helps ingredients stick together. And this is particularly important in gluten-free baking. Gluten is a binder, and when you remove it and don’t replace it, your baked goods will not turn out the way they should.


flax seeds

Substitutions for xanthan gum or guar gum in baking

Xanthan gum and guar gum serve as effective substitutes for gluten. Nevertheless, certain individuals may have sensitivities to these ingredients. The advantage lies in the availability of multiple alternatives for xanthan or guar gum.

Among the substitutes I frequently use ground flaxseed, chia seeds, and psyllium husk powder. Whether you’re preparing bread, muffins, or desserts, any of these three ingredients can often replace xanthan and guar gum in your recipes.

whole psyllium husk in a bowl

psyllium husk

Today, I’m sharing my selection of the top 10 fail-safe gluten-free bread recipes. From soft and fluffy basic sandwich bread to rustic artisan loaves with a hearty texture, and even yeast-free soda bread and Italian ciabatta, there’s something for everyone.

Each of these gluten-free bread recipes promises to satisfy your craving for freshly baked bread. Personally, I have a soft spot for bread with a good firm crust, you may know exactly what I mean.

bread is an essential food in most diets

Bread holds a special place as a staple food enjoyed throughout the day. There’s something magical about freshly baked gluten-free bread straight from the oven—absolutely delicious! My personal favorite? A slice of artisan bread topped with mashed avocado and sprouts. It’s a culinary delight!

While bread recipes might seem daunting, they’re often simpler than they appear, requiring just a bit of time. Sundays, in particular, are perfect for baking adventures.

Baking, for me, is therapeutic, creating a cozy and warm atmosphere in the house. These gluten-free bread recipes are beginner-friendly and, most importantly, tasty!

If you are using a gluten-free flour blend, DO NOT use one that includes bean flours. They don’t work well in bread recipes. My favourite gluten-free flour blends are #1 Better Batter, oh I love this blend.

You can use it in any recipe that asks for a gluten-free flour blend, and my #2 favourite is King Arthur, Measure for Measure Gluten-Free Flour BendBoth of these blends work very well in bread, muffin and cake recipes.

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10 No-Fail Gluten-Free Bread Recipes


Gluten-Free Bread Recipes

Gluten-Free Basic White Sandwich Bread


keto bread

Gluten-Free Keto Multi Seed Bread


artisan bread, gluten free

Gluten-Free Artisan Bread


gluten free cheese bread

Gluten-Free Olive Oil Cheese Bread


sliced caraway bread, gluten free

Dutch Oven Caraway Bread – Gluten Free Recipe

soda bread, gluten free

Gluten-Free Chia Soda Bread

gluten free seeded quick bread sandwich with avocado

Seeded Quick Bread Recipe – Gluten Free

monkey bread, gluten free

Gluten-Free Garlic Cheese Monkey Bread


cassava bread sliced


Cassava Bread (Grain-Free, Nut-Free)


keto bread

Gluten-Free Keto Multi Seed Bread 


Making gluten-free bread at home offers numerous advantages. Firstly, it allows for complete control over the ingredients, ensuring they align with any dietary restrictions or preferences. Homemade gluten-free bread is often fresher, tastier, and healthier than store-bought alternatives, as it lacks preservatives and additives commonly found in commercial products.

Additionally, baking gluten-free bread at home can be a rewarding and satisfying experience, providing an opportunity for experimentation with flavors, textures, and recipes tailored to individual tastes. Furthermore, it can be more cost-effective in the long run, particularly for those who regularly consume gluten-free products.