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Detox Chickpea and Parsley Soup

This is another gluten free recipe for detox hearty, comforting soup. The combination of chickpeas, parsley and fresh lemon juice create a rich and satisfying soup. These simple ingredients deliver powerful detox benefits to your body. Parsley boosts the productivity of one of our liver’s enzymes that detoxes our bodies. This delicate herb has powerful […]

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Split Pea Soup with Ham Bone

This hearty, stick to your ribs pea soup was introduced in New England during the 19th Century by French Canadian millworkers. The slow cooking of split peas with vegetables and spices enhances the soup’s earthy flavour. Serve as a main with gluten free crusty bread or as a starter. Pea soup is particularly popular during […]

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Vegan Fat Burning Soup

Jump start a diet or a cleanse with this vegan fat burning soup. This healing soup is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, protein and lot of fiber. This delicious vegan soup will keep you full for hours while giving you lasting energy and is naturally gluten free. Replace one or two meals each day with this […]

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Turmeric Detox Soup

fSometimes our bodies get an overload of toxins, especially during festive season. We are exposed to stress, we indulge in processed food add alcohol to the mix and our bodies start to build toxins. Toxins affect the body’s natural ability to burn fat, hence weight gain. But most importantly a build up of toxins cause […]

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Basil and Lime Chicken Ramen Soup

Vietnamese Pho meets classic chicken soup. This gluten free soup is light and nourishing filled with light veggies and tender chicken. This is the kind of clean, uncomplicated chicken soup you long for in cold winter months. This soup relies on basil and fresh lime juice to bring out the ultimate flavour  

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Gluten Free Minestrone Soup with Chorizo

Keep it simple tonight with this hearty gluten free minestrone soup. The wide range of veggies, chorizo sausage, and Italian spices make this one pot wonder super tasty. This soup goes exceptionally well with gluten free garlic bread. Just toast some gluten free bread, then rub it with a garlic clove and drizzle with olive […]

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Gluten Free Cheesy Cauliflower Soup

This creamy soup is simple yet wholesomely delicious. There are many versions of cheesy cauliflower soup, this one is made without cream, butter or flour making it a healthier option. I have added bacon as of the toppings, which is entirely optional but certainly adds to the tasty flavour. Serve with gluten free crusty bread […]

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Detox Soup with Nori

Lacking energy can be a result of overeating, indulging in alcohol, consuming refined sugars or dealing with stress. Reset your body with this healing cleansing soup which is rich in healthy nutrients and low in calories

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Country Split Pea Soup Recipe

This lip-smacking hearty split pea soup will warm your soul every time. This is a vegetarian gluten free split pea soup that commands a lot of flavour. The peas are slowly simmered with vegetables and spices creating that perfect texture and flavour. Split peas are high in fiber, protein, magnesium and iron making them a healthy […]

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Curried Zucchini Coconut Soup – Naturally Gluten Free

This easy to make tasty zucchini coconut soup is seasoned with curry and lime juice. Zucchini is low in calories making it a diet friendly soup.

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