Gluten-Free Pizza Brioche Rolls

Published on Sep 18, 2020

  by   Kristina Stosek

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Prep Time: 15 + minutes Cook Time: 25 minutes Serves: 6
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Introducing my very best recipe for Gluten-Free Pizza Brioche Rolls. Imagine rich, buttery rolls, perfectly baked, generously infused with garlic basil butter, savory ham or pepperoni chunks, and a gooey layer of melted mozzarella cheese. These savory brioche rolls redefine deliciousness!

gluten-free brioche rolls

Maximize Flavor and Texture

As I started creating this recipe, my initial aim was simple gluten-free brioche rolls. But as you may have guessed, my passion for flavor took over. To me, it’s all about maximizing taste and texture. And yes, these gluten-free pizza brioche rolls are an absolute triumph—pillowy soft, luxuriously buttery, bursting with Italian essence, and overflowing with gooey melted cheese

gluten-free rolls

Navigating the twists and turns of perfecting the gluten-free pizza brioche rolls was quite the journey.

I’ll be candid—it wasn’t a walk in the park. It took numerous attempts to get them just right. They started off too dense, then swung to the other extreme, drying out too quickly. The dough posed its own challenges, proving stubborn and difficult to handle, while the flavors seemed to elude capture.

But, I stand by my principles—I won’t share a recipe unless it meets my standards. After some trial and error, I finally nailed it, and these rolls emerged as a triumph.

I prioritized achieving a delicate balance—maintaining a soft and airy texture while ensuring a lavish, buttery richness. Brioche rolls, akin to bread but indulgently created with milk, butter, and eggs, typically add a some sweetness. These rolls are versatile enough to double as hamburger buns sans filling.

gluten-free brioche rolls

What sets this brioche rolls apart?

It’s all about the garlic basil butter! If, like me, you adore the classic combination of garlic and bread, then these rolls will undoubtedly steal your heart. The garlic basil butter, gently browned to perfection, infuses these brioche rolls with an irresistible depth of flavor.

But that’s not all—enter the ham or pepperoni, imparting a robust, comforting taste that elevates the experience. And let’s not forget about the cheese—its melty goodness throughout, ensures that these gluten-free pizza brioche rolls leave a lasting impression on your taste buds.

Gluten-Free Pizza Brioche Rolls Recipe Details

The gluten-free brioche dough is made with milk, eggs and butter. I used a basic gluten-free flour blend, quick rise yeast and baking soda. The baking soda helps to keep the brioche dough light. Once the dough is ready, it is rolled out to a rectangle about 1/2 inch thick.

Since the dough is very soft and slightly sticky, use plenty of flour on your work surface, stopping it from sticking. The dough is spread with a lightly browned butter mixed with fresh garlic and basil, then topped with ham or pizza slices and mozzarella cheese.

Now the dough is ready to be rolled. Using one side closest to you, roll the dough into a log. Cut into eight pieces and place in a baking pan. Cover the pan with plastic wrap and allow the rolls to rise.

Then brush with an egg and sprinkle with sesame seeds—nothing to it. I like to use rapid rise yeast because the dough rises quickly and needs only one rise. So, why not save the time and get the rolls on the table in time for dinner.

gluten-free pizza brioche rolls

tips for success

A quick tip on getting the dough to rise faster. Preheat the oven for about three minutes, then place the dough in the oven to rise. This way, the temperature is perfect, and there are no drafts. Something my grandmother taught me a long time. OH, and don’t forget to turn the oven off 🙂

Another thing that makes all the difference is how you measure the flour. To measure flour correctly,  ALWAYS use a scooper to scoop the flour and fill the measuring cup, then use a knife to level the flour off. NEVER dip the measuring cup into the flour, or you will have too much flour.

There are many uses for these pizza brioche rolls. Firstly, they are excellent right out of the oven just as they are—the goey cheese in every bite and the garlic basil butter throughout, what can I say?

Or, make them into sandwiches. Slice them in half, add some fresh tomatoes and lettuce, even onions and your favourite spread. The kids will love them. My favourite way is with fall hearty soups.

As with all gluten-free baking, these rolls are best when eaten within 24 hours. But if you have any leftovers, you can slice the rolls in half and toast them or pop them in the microwave for about 12 seconds. They come out just as delicious as when they were freshly baked. Enjoy!

gluten-free rolls

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SO GOOD! What a great idea, thank you.


I'm not even going to lie. These look amazing....delicious.....I know if I had these in front of me right now....I'd devour at least two!! lol

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