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Gluten Free Salads

Most simple salads are naturally gluten free but it would surprise you to know how easy it is for gluten to sneak into your salad, especially on the type of salads most of us enjoy, with lots of extras and dressings for flavour and texture. If you are dining out, you should have an eye […]

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Detox Lentil Salad Recipe

Lentils an ancient food are the powerhouse of nutrients. Some of the health benefits include high protein, iron, folate, vitamin B1, healthy heart, weight loss, cancer, help with digestions, and maintain healthy nervous system just to name a few. This vegan recipe comes together fast and easy with added health benefits that help detox your […]

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Tropical Quinoa Power Salad

Tropical quinoa power salad packs a lot of flavours. Quinoa is naturally gluten free seed, high in fiber, iron, potassium, contains all nine essential amino acids, B-vitamins and is also high in protein. Adding this wonder seed to a salad will fuel your body with energy and healthy nutrients. Why make only a green salad […]

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Soba Noodle Spinach and Carrot Salad

Soba noodles are made from buckwheat. Despite the misleading name, buckwheat is not wheat it is a fruit seed. This is a great substitute for those that must follow a gluten free diet. Buckwheat has a rich nutty flavour and is easier to digest than a grain. These traditional Japanese noodles are packed with fiber […]

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Roasted Butternut Squash Salad

Meet your new power salad, vibrant and nutritious with just a touch of citrusy vinaigrette. The robust flavours of butternut squash and goat cheese combine especially well with apples, grapes and walnuts. This salad is ideal for the diet savvy and vegetarians

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Sweet Summer Kale Salad

A good salad is all about the dressing and freshness. In modern day, especially in the summer months, a salad makes a meal. There is something welcoming about a plate with greens such as kale, fruit, nuts and that perfect dressing. Enjoy!      

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Gluten Free Curried Rice Salad

Perfectly seasoned rice, with added fruit and veggies with lots of exotic spices makes this one of our most favourite side dishes for a barbecue or large gathering. This dish is particularly sought after in the hot summer months when salads are popular

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Spiced Roasted Beet Salad

You will love these enticingly spiced roasted beets with a lovely contrast of salty feta cheese. The remarkably full-flavoured beets, deliver quite a punch in this easy to make healthy salad

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Cauliflower Salad

This cauliflower salad is certainly different from the everyday potato salad that has been traditionally served over the years at a cook out. This healthy creamy cauliflower salad can add a bit of zing to grilled meats or fish. To change the flavour, substitute curry powder for the dill

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Snow Pea Salad with Vanilla Vinaigrette

The vanilla vinaigrette is a perfect match for this simple and tasty salad. The sweetness of snow peas and carrots and the cooling cucumber infused with the light taste of vanilla and honey are magical. This healthy vibrant salad makes a great starter at any dinner party  

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