Zucchini And Ham Cheese Casserole – Keto

Published on Jan 11, 2021

  by   Kristina Stosek

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Prep Time: 15 minutes Cook Time: 35 minutes Serves: 4
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This zucchini and ham cheese casserole is oozing with gooey cheese and smokey ham. This gluten-free casserole is all about fresh zucchini baked with ham, green onions and spiced with chili, cumin and basil.

All this deliciousness baked in a two cheese sauce mixed with sour cream and keto-friendly! Can it get any better?




Why is zucchini great for casseroles?

Zucchini is a very mild tasting squash and is ideal for adding to casseroles because it easily absorbs the flavours. The thing about zucchini, it cooks very quickly, and you don’t want the squash to be mushy and soggy.

This is why first, the zucchini is briefly stir-fried with ham, green onions, garlic and spices. Then it is added to the cheese, sour cream and eggs. Since the zucchini was crispy before baking, this healthy squash retained the right texture and did not become mushy.


veggies and ham in a skillet with spices


the ingredients

In this zucchini and ham cheese casserole recipe, the ingredients are kept simple—Squash, ham, garlic, green onions, spices, cheese, sour cream and eggs. By keeping the ingredients simple, the gluten-free casserole tastes of freshness with a hint of saltiness and smokiness from the ham.

The spices such as chili, cumin and basil added an array of flavours, making this keto and gluten-free casserole sooo good!


zucchini and ham cheese casserole


zucchini and ham cheese casserole – the simplicity

You will love how simple this casserole is to make. Especially when making a weeknight meal, and you want to keep everything healthy, maybe low carb and easy. This zucchini and ham cheese casserole recipe calls only for nine ingredients plus spices.

To start, the zucchini, ham, green onions and garlic and briefly stir-fried with the spices in a splash of olive oil. This adds flavour to the mild flavoured zucchini and creates tasty juices, which are then added to the cheese mixture.

For the cheese mixture, I wanted to keep everything creamy. To do this, I combined two kinds of cheese. I used gruyere and parmesan. Gruyere cheese is my personal choice because I love the flavour.

You can use any good melting cheese, depending on your budget or personal preference. To keep the cheese saucy, I added sour cream and eggs. Everything blended together beautifully.


keto casserole


is zucchini a low carb squash?

Zucchini is exceptional in recipes when you are trying to keep the calories and carbs low. This healthy squash is considered a fruit and is super low in calories and carbs, only about 33 calories and 4 net carbs per one medium squash.

Therefore, this recipe is low carb and keto friendly. A perfect dish for any season!


keto casserole


To serve this gluten-free zucchini and ham cheese casserole, if you wish, add a light green salad, extra sour cream, sliced green onions or freshly made salsa. I often serve this casserole for brunch. Serve hot and enjoy!

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thank you Desiree, I am so happy you enjoyed it!

Desiree Pace

Excellent!! I used ham from Lawler's BBQ, cheddar and American cheese. I will be making this again

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