Easy Salmon Salad Recipe

Published on Mar 02, 2014

  by   Kristina Stosek

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Prep Time: 10 minutes Cook Time: minutes Serves: 4
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We enjoy having simple and healthy lunches, like this Salmon Salad. The best part is that you can make this nutritious salad using leftover or canned salmon. Let’s look at this easy recipe using salmon, perfect for anyone wanting a light, gluten free, and good-for-you meal.

salmon salad sandwich

Why does salmon salad taste so delicious?

The refreshing taste of salmon salad comes from a combination of ingredients:

  1. Salmon is a flavorful and versatile fish with a rich, savory taste. When used in a salad, it adds a satisfying protein.
  2. The choice of ingredients in the salad, such as fresh vegetables, herbs, and a well-balanced dressing, enhances the overall flavor. The textures of crunchy vegetables and the tenderness of salmon create a satisfying meal.
  3. The freshness and quality of the ingredients contribute to making salmon salad a super tasty, nutritious, low-carb dish.

The ingredients:

The fresh ingredients such as, red onions, fresh lemon juice, olive oil, celery, cilantro and mustard, blend beautifully with salmon, adding flavour and texture.

Is salmon healthy?

Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to lower cholesterol and is probably one of the healthiest fish out there. This delicious fish is also low in calories, rich in protein and low in saturated fats.

And, wild salmon is healthier than farmed-raised salmon. So whenever you can, try and use wild salmon, not only it is a healthier fish but it also tastes better.


salmon salad sandwich topped with coleslaw

8 Ways of serving salmon salad

There are several tasty ways to serve salmon salad. Here are some popular and tasty serving options:

  1. Classic Salad Bowl: Serve the salmon salad in a large bowl on a bed of fresh greens like spinach, arugula, or mixed lettuce. Toss it gently to ensure an even distribution of flavors.
  2. Sandwich or Wrap: Spread the salmon salad between slices of whole-grain gluten free bread for a satisfying sandwich or wrap it in a tortilla for a portable and convenient meal.
  3. Stuffed Avocado Halves: Scoop out the pit of halved avocados and fill the center with salmon salad. The creamy texture of avocado complements the salmon beautifully.
  4. On a Bed of Quinoa or Rice: Serve the salmon salad on a bed of cooked quinoa or rice for a heartier meal, adding an extra layer of texture and substance.
  5. Crackers or Crostini: Arrange the salmon salad on top of gluten free crackers or small toasted gluten free bread slices to create elegant and bite-sized appetizers.
  6. Lettuce Wraps: Wrap the salmon salad in large lettuce leaves, such as Romaine or Bibb lettuce, for a low-carb and refreshing alternative.
  7. Stuffed Tomatoes: Hollow out ripe tomatoes and stuff them with salmon salad, creating a colorful and tasty dish that’s perfect for a light lunch or appetizer.
  8. As a Dip: Transform the salmon salad into a delightful dip by serving it alongside vegetable sticks, pita chips, or crackers for a shareable appetizer.

Remember to garnish with fresh herbs, a drizzle of dressing, or a squeeze of lemon to enhance the freshness. The versatility of salmon salad allows you to get creative and enjoy it in many ways.


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