Gluten-Free Mandarin Pudding Cake

Published on Jan 02, 2019

  by   Kristina Stosek

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Prep Time: 5 minutes Cook Time: 105 minutes Serves: 6-8
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This Gluten-Free Mandarin Pudding Cake is another winner. There are no added fats, grains, or dairy in this gluten-free dessert recipe and all you need is 10 ingredients. Making this mandarin dessert a healthy-ish simple to make gluten-free dessert.

the pudding-like texture,

I called this recipe a pudding cake because it is super moist. The texture is almost like a pudding. It is sooo good!

I wanted this dessert to taste like mandarins. So, to do that, I used fresh mandarins and mandarin peels. 

This undeniably delicious dessert tastes as if you were eating a fresh mandarin pudding.


mandarins and a halved mandarin


How do you add mandarin peels to a cake?

Simple, the mandarins with the peels are simmered until super soft. Then they are blended until smooth. Finally, the entire cake batter is made in the same blender. So very little mess to clean up. My kind of dessert :-). 

The best part, this recipe has only ten ingredients. And it is so simple to make that even a novice baker will achieve beautiful results.

Why is this gluten-free mandarin pudding cake considered a healthier dessert?

Very easy to answer this question. The cake is made with fresh mandarins and antioxidant-rich mandarin peels, almond flour, eggs, fresh lemon juice, a hint of vanilla and a trickle of spices. 

I also added gluten-free, aluminum-free baking powder to keep the cake on the lighter side. 

To sweeten this dessert, I used low-glycemic coconut sugar. But you can use your preferred sweetener like demerara sugar or granulated sugar.


mandarin pudding cake with one slice on a platter


You may wonder where the moistness comes from since there are no fats added, and the cake is dairy-free. 

The primary ingredient is the mandarins, and then the almond flour also keeps the cake moist and gives it a soft crumb texture.

To sum up this gluten-free mandarin pudding cake, the recipe is super simple, and the cake has a stunning complex flavour. And this dessert is on the healthier side.

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it happens when you bake it Dee.


This pudding cake looks to have a raised edge around the perimeter. Did you create that, or does it just happen when you bake it?


yes absolutely, just make sure to remove the seeds


You want to boil the entire in peeled orange? And put the peels in the food processor?

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