The Major Signs of Gluten Intolerance

The number of people who are gluten intolerant may never actually be known because so many go undiagnosed. Many people who have issues with gluten may never come to realise what their problem really is, and are never properly diagnosed by a doctor. We often miss the warning signs because we usually aren’t aware of what they are. Here are some of the major signs of gluten intolerance. If you are experiencing them, try going gluten-free to see if it makes a difference.
General digestive issues
If you are constantly having issues like gas, bloating, or constipation, then it could be because of your diet or it could be because of gluten intolerance. If you are eating a lot of it, and your body is having an adverse reaction, then try eating foods without it and see what happens. Chances are you will feel a lot better. If you notice a big improvement, then see if intolerance was the reason why you were having problems in the first place.
Certain autoimmune diseases
Gluten intolerance goes hand in hand with some autoimmune diseases, for example: ulcerative colitis, multiple sclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis. These could be signs that you also suffer from gluten intolerance, and you should speak to a dietician about them.
Terrible headaches after eating
If you are experiencing bad headaches or even migraines after meals, then it could be because they contain certain ingredients that you are intolerant of. The one that gets people most just happens to be gluten. Don’t just keep taking aspirin, and don’t try to just sleep it away. Get checked. Change your diet up a bit to see if it helps. Try some of our great recipes and see if they don’t give you the same pains.
Knowing whether or not you are one of the many that are gluten intolerant is the first step towards getting better. Even if you aren’t intolerant, you should still consider a better diet for health reasons. These are the major signs of gluten intolerance. If you notice them, make some changes in your diet. Our healthy and delicious gluten free recipes are a great place to start.