Sun Dried Tomatoes – Easy recipe


There are two kinds of sun dried tomatoes dry-packed or packed in olive oil.

Sundried tomatoes have a pungent sweet-tart flavour, they are chewy and have a similar texture as dried fruit. They retain most of their antioxidants and vitamins and are an excellent way to preserve fresh tomatoes



sun dried tomatoes 



Most commonly used tomato is plum, but you can try other varieties in various sizes and colours. You can preserve them like dried fruit or you can pack them in oil.

There are many uses for sun-dried tomatoes such as salads, sauces, stews, soups, muffins or frittatas, but you can use them in just about any recipe that you would use a fresh tomato in. When you are using dry-packed tomatoes you should hydrate them in water to plump them up before use. If you are using the sun-dried tomatoes packed in olive oil, drain the oil first and use the oil in other recipes.

There are three ways to make sun-dried tomatoes, you can dry them in the sun, using a dehydrator or cook them in the oven. For an easy oven sun dried tomato recipe click here ->

Here is our most popular gluten-free pasta salad recipe with sundried tomatoes.