The Impressive Health Benefits Of Turmeric You Might Not Know About



turmeric in a bowl



Turmeric is more than just a staple kitchen item. With its nutritional properties, it can very well be one of the healthiest ingredients you can add to your dishes.

The spice is prevalent in many parts of Asia, particularly India. It’s considered a cousin of ginger and is the principal spice you can find in curry powder.

It has a distinct bright golden colour while its taste is a bit bitter and pungent. Now, if you think turmeric is just great in the kitchen  – think again.

Turmeric, for one, has anti-inflammatory properties. You can compare its effects to those of NSAIDs or Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs which are commonly taken to reduce swelling and pain.

With this property, using turmeric in cooking can benefit those people struggling with arthritis, inflammatory bowel diseases and even asthma.

Turmeric can benefit those who have colds and flu, too. It contains a high amount of antioxidants and antibacterial properties to fight off infection.

This spice is also loaded with B vitamins, iron, manganese and zinc which means it’s capable of supporting a healthy metabolism. It can improve your immune system as well.

It also contains neuroprotective properties with its turmerone content. It can boost your cognitive performance, so you’re able to think clearer and process thoughts better.

There are studies and researches that suggest how beneficial turmeric is in preventing chronic diseases, too. This includes Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes and even heart diseases.

To experience all of these benefits, you should add turmeric in your recipes. Although there’s no definite guide as to how much turmeric you should take in a day, it’s recommended that you regularly use it as part of your cooking.


Apart from your health, however, turmeric also offers benefits for your skin. If you are wondering what those benefits are, here’s an infographic to help you out.



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