Gluten-Free Raspberry Linzer Cake

Published on Dec 06, 2020

  by   Kristina Stosek

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Prep Time: 20 + minutes Cook Time: 35 minutes Serves: 16
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Today I am sharing my Holiday festive Gluten-Free Raspberry Linzer Cake. A classic Austrian dessert made with a perfectly sweet almond shortbread crust scented with orange zest, a layer of raspberry jam, lattice pattern shortbread topping and a dusting of confectioners sugar.

This Linzer cake is a melt in your mouth delicious gluten-free dessert!


linzer cake, gluten free


Growing up in Europe, our Holiday desserts weren’t complete unless my mom made the classic Raspberry Linzer Torte. This year I wanted to re-create this delicious Austrian dessert into an easier gluten-free recipe with all the bells and whistles that I remember.


Austrian dessert


Gluten-Free Raspberry Linzer Cake – recipe details

You will find that this delicious gluten-free Austrian dessert recipe is easier to make than a gluten-free fruit pie. The gluten-free shortbread crust takes just minutes to whip up, so easy!

I used only two flours, almond flour and a gluten-free all-purpose flour blend, butter, sugar, eggs, vanilla, baking soda, and orange zest to make the shortbread crust.

The orange zest makes all the difference in flavour and is a must in this gluten-free shortbread crust. The only other ingredient you will need is a good quality raspberry jam, or sometimes I use apricot jam.


linzer cake


Once the shortbread crust is prepared, spread 2/3 of the dough in a pan, chill the remaining dough, then roll it out between two sheets of parchment paper and cut into strips. These strips are used for the lattice pattern topping.

The strips don’t have to be perfect. This Austrian dessert should have a rustic look. What I love about this gluten-free shortbread dough, it is super easy to work with.


liner cake


the second layer

The second layer of this Linzer Cake recipe is the raspberry jam. Using a spoon, spread the jam over the shortbread crust. How simple is that? Then, top with the shortbread strips and bake.

Once the Raspberry Linzer Cake is cooled, you can add a dusting of confectioners sugar if you like. I add a pinch of cinnamon in my confectioner’s sugar for extra flavour.


linzer cake, gluten free


One of the things I love about this Gluten-Free Raspberry Linzer Cake dessert is that it tastes better the next morning. The reason is, the raspberry jam soaks into the shortbread crust, making this dessert outstanding.


gluten-free linzer cake


How to store Linzer Cake?

It is important to wrap the cake well, so it doesn’t dry out and store at room temperature. The cake will keep for up to one week. Another way to store this delicious Austrian dessert is by freezing it.

This gluten-free dessert can be frozen before or after baking. I often make two batches and freeze one before baking. Always bring the Linzer Cake to room temperature for 30 minutes before baking.


linzer cake, gluten free


Three of my favourite Austrian dishes are Schnitzel, Stewed Red Cabbage with Apples, and Potatoes with Parsley and Garlic. And the dessert, this Gluten-Free Raspberry Cake. Enjoy!

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Many thanks!

Kristina xx

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Try spreading them apart more Abby, I hope this helps.


It tasted divine and we loved it but the lattice on top spread so that you can hardly tell it is lattice. What can I do next tine (as I definitely plan to make it again) to make that lattice really show and not spread so much?


you can, but the linzer cake will be dryer and more dense


Can you skip the almond flour and just use more gluten free flour?


Hi Kara, I tested the link to the GF flour and it works for me, so strange. To answer your questions coconut flour is too absorbent and would make the cake too dry. However, you can try to use a 1 to 1 GF baking flour, and if it does not include xanthan gum, add as per recipe.


Also, the link for the gf flour you us ees to be a dead link on my end, so would a blend of coconut flour and almond flour be ok or too dry ? I cannot do potatoes or corn due to their bulking properties. Any thoughts on that? No garbanzo or flax either. Had gallbladder out and can only tolerate certain ingredients when baking. Thanks!


Hi Kara, I would use coconut butter, it should work.


Can you use vegan butter to make this as well? I found no issues last time for an apple crmble, but the last recipe burned on me when it had not done so before. It said butter in the recipe, but can this be made paleo and vegan? Thanks! I can't use dairy since my gallbladder being gone will not tolerate it. Even a crepe, it's autoimmune now to any ingredients. Terrible. So yes, wanted to know if coconut butter or avocado based vegan would work in place of the recipe ingredient you have listed.


sounds delicious Buffy, thanks for sharing.

Buffy Reed

made this yesterday, I used plum jam, the cake turned out perfect. Thank you!


O M G This is a recipe I am sentimentally thrilled to have


Thank you

Lisa. R

Thank you for this recipe!!!! I just made it and the cake turned out perfect OMG so so good!

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