Beware of False “Gluten Free” Menus and Brands


Restaurants are slowly realizing the importance of providing gluten-free dishes. While some have offered gluten-free options for years, this does not mean their claims are true. The following story is the perfect example of such a scenario.

A few years ago, a famous pizza chain unveiled what it called the “gluten-free crust.” The pizza chain admitted that the pizza crust would not be safe for everyone due to the high possibility of cross contamination occurring, thus making it unsafe for those with celiac disease.




The pizza chain felt that by admitting the possibility of contamination they were staying true to their policy of transparency. Some people applauded their honesty while others called it a cheap marketing ploy and an exploitation of a serious medical condition.

Regardless of their intentions, at the end of the day, the pizza chain was endangering a certain number of people – and that is what matters in my opinion!

I always tell my readers that a product is either gluten free or it is not. There is no gray area when it comes to gluten! Companies and restaurants that are marketing a product to be “sort of” gluten free or low in gluten is completely useless and nonsensical for those of us who are required to follow a strict diet.

The famous pizza chain is not the only restaurant or brand to be caught in the dust up. The sad truth is that many organizations are capitalizing on the new awareness of celiac disease by introducing supposedly “gluten free” items. Unfortunately, those menus are not always telling the truth.

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