5 Must-Have Foods For Runners



Running is one of the most sought exercises by beginners and seasoned fitness enthusiasts. It’s not only one of those few, less demanding activities but ultimately, it also comes with numerous benefits.

But as simple as it sounds, running also has some requirements that need to be replenished. They include increased energy, enhanced performance, and quickened recovery — all of these are crucial to go on to the next level.

Thankfully, these can be supplied by simply watching our food intake.

Yes, consuming healthy foods won’t only provide nutritious components to our general health but in the long run (no pun here!), it should also sustain these running requirements.

The following are the best food for runners that can optimize your skill and make the experience all the more fulfilling:




1.)   Yogurt

Each time we go for a run, our muscles are utilized and therefore need to be recovered from time to time to carry on the task for an extended period.

Yogurt is known for its rich calcium that benefits your bone health greatly; it also provides protein to help you recover those muscles. 

Meanwhile, this creamy delight contains gut-benefiting probiotics that manage gastrointestinal issues. If you’re gunning for extra protein, go and take some Greek yogurt, which is now an ideal snack right after you run.

2.)   Chia Seeds

 If your energy is unusually underwhelmed right before you go running, some chia seeds may give you some huge boost to your energy.

The seeds are enriched with Omega-3 fatty acids, phosphorus, fiber, calcium, protein, and carbohydrates. These specks can be consumed by placing them in your water and drink them.

Although they are tasteless, they get “gelled up,” gradually, producing a slimy form right in your water.

Worry not though as this is not the only way to eat them. You can also look into incorporating them into chia pudding or even add them to some of your baked goods. You may also try mixing them in your oatmeal, salad, or yogurt.

3.)   Banana

This core list wouldn’t be complete without this highly-nutritious fruit. Essentially, it is all that you need whenever you decide to pump up your energy as you run.

Apart from easily digestible carbs that come with it, bananas are also a rich source of potassium that should aid your muscle function along with cramp prevention.

Like yogurt, they also have probiotics that enhance the absorption of nutrients. Ultimately, bananas are known for its cheapness and portability!

4.)   Avocados

 Perhaps the only food that can rival our previous entry are the avocados. Aside from its higher potassium content, these green, round of goodness is filled with at least 20 known vitamins and minerals that are ideal for skin rejuvenation, eye health, and immune function among others.

Along with their electrolyte-boosting components, avocados are essentially famed by its sore-reducing qualities on muscles and joints which should greatly benefit runners.

5.)   Coffee

 Coffee has always been one of the go-to sources for people who are needing a boost of anti-oxidants — this factor alone makes this alternative a standalone powerhouse in providing that perfect jolt right before and when you run.

This ideal pre-workout cup of power boost should make you run harder, faster, and longer. Also, coffee is proven to beef up your athletic performance and is right there to aid you alleviating the soreness that comes with post-workout activities.

So, whenever you plan to perform some pre-workout activities, (coffee might just be the perfect alternative to perk you up.

However, it is also important to note that when we begin consuming coffee, we must try to minimize or even eliminate those unhealthy add-ons that we usually enjoy putting in such as refined sugar and the fat-laden creamers. You can always opt for Stevia or a coconut sugar if a plain, black coffee is too much for you.

Final thoughts

These five, highly nutritious alternatives are all that you need to get your running a little more enjoyable and sustainable. With these foods, you are now guaranteed to take this experience to a whole new level without having to worry about any adverse repercussions to your body.

As running ultimately gives us something that is extremely beneficial to our overall health, we must also consider these foods so we can contribute to a healthy, reciprocating cycle.


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