Gluten-Free Mini Scones With Manchego, Peppers & Onions

Published on Apr 19, 2019

  by   Kristina Stosek

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Prep Time: 20 minutes Cook Time: 18 minutes Serves: 14
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Gluten-Free Mini Scones with Manchego Cheese, Red Peppers and Onions – a flaky scone is a thing of beauty, especially when they taste cheesy. These savoury scones are pretty special and sure to please. They are made with Manchego cheese, caramelized onions with red pepper and flavoured with chili pepper. I can say they have a subtle Spanish flavour. When it comes to cheese, and savoury baking Manchego is my favourite. The cheese has a buttery, nutty flavour with slight piquancy and melts beautifully. 

When do you serve mini scones?

The short answer → just about any time with anything 🙂 However, I will serve these gluten-free mini scones as a starter with a salad or as an appetizer because they are small and you can top them with just about anything. Some of my favourite toppings are avocado, smoked salmon, ham, scrambled eggs, marmalade, tomatoes…etc, the list is endless. However, for me, they are especially special when used for burger sliders. The size is perfect and the savoury Manchego cheese flavour adds to the burgers. The texture of these mini scones is light, and they are the best when freshly baked. 

If you happen to have any leftover mini scones, reheat them in an oven at 375 F for five minutes. They come out just as if they were freshly baked. Unfortunately, gluten-free baked scones, muffins and bread don’t keep fresh and delicious as the recipes with gluten. 

At this time I would also like to share my favourite picks of the gluten-free cookbooks. I probably have well over a hundred cookbooks in my home. It seems that cookbooks are the most purchased books in an average household. Don’t get me wrong, I love surfing the internet for ideas and trends, but I will always buy cookbooks because I love the feel and smell of books, and they look pretty on my coffee table.

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