How Living Gluten-Free Can Change Your Life


Starting my blog in 2013 was very exciting, because it gave me a chance to share information about gluten and  healthy gluten-free recipes.



For me, helping others understand that gluten may be something that is affecting their health has become very important. Today there are many people suffering from gluten without even knowing it. Having symptoms such as tiredness, bloating, depression, indigestion, skin disorders, asthma are just few of the symptoms that someone may be experiencing because of gluten-sensitivity.



Here is an email I received with a heading “Thank you!” Please share.


~ I have been following your blog since March of this year but originally after coming across your other blog on gluten free for dogs. I can’t tell you how much your blogs have saved both our family dog and myself where no other vet or physician couldn’t, or rather didn’t try very hard at helping us diagnose our medical conditions. (our family dog now has extra years in his life) I have been following your webpage religiously and making the changes for a gluten free life. It was so easy to do when your recipes are AMAZING! My thoughts when I went into this, was “healthier eating, cleaner eating…why not?” Never would I have expected the changes that were forth-coming. I now lead a very healthy lifestyle and no longer suffer the pain from the insides out and all the skin conditions that came from eating gluten in the past. I would’ve never suspected gluten to be the culprit! Kristina, I owe you more than a big thank you, you helped me have my life back. I work for Provincial Health Authority in Canada and deal with employee health and wellness in my department. I have been sharing your webpage with others with hopes they too will gain a wealth of knowledge from this. This email is so long overdue, but thank you, thank you…THANK YOU!!! 🙂 Sincerely, Julie K.


Julie thank you for sharing, so happy for you and your family!



I wanted to share this email with you because there are many non-believers, or the ones that think gluten is a fad, or the ones that eat sort of gluten-free hoping to loose weight, even some doctors… yes doctors that don’t believe that gluten-sensitivity can seriously affect someone’s health. There are also the ones that say by living gluten-free you will miss out on healthy nutrients, NOT TRUE! But you must follow a well balanced diet, as we all should. Check out our selection of over 250 delicious healthy gluten-free recipes, which includes gluten-free recipes that kids love and gluten-free vegetarian recipes.



I speak from personal experience, living gluten-free has given my daughter her life back.




Unfortunately there is no such thing as mostly gluten-free, if you have gluten sensitivity you must live 100% gluten-free in order to feel better.