3 Steps To Keep Your Herbs Fresh


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3 Steps To Keep Your Herbs Fresh


Fresh herbs change bland food to tasty and healthy meals. The most popular fresh herbs used in cooking are parsley, cilantro (coriander), basil, rosemary, dill, mint, oregano, sage, and thyme.

The nutritional benefits of fresh herbs are surprisingly high. For example, cilantro is used for heavy metal cleansing. Parsley is high in vitamin K, C, A and folate and fresh mint are excellent for digestion, asthma, and depression. Many of these plants are used for medicinal purposes and even fragrances. 

fresh herbs should be handled gently,

To get the full benefits of fresh herbs and avoid harmful bacteria, it is essential that they are fresh and washed correctly. And whenever possible, organic is the way to go.

The flavour of organic herbs is more intense, and the health benefits are greater. To keep them fresh and last longer, they need to be stored correctly. Herbs are very fragile compared to vegetables and will not keep if stored incorrectly. 


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3 simple steps to keep herbs fresh last longer

  1. Wash and dry them as soon as you can. The best way to remove dirt and germs is to dip them into a large bowl of cold water and swish them around gently. Then lightly pat them with a paper towel.
  2. Remove all wilted herbs and cut the very ends off.
  3. Wrap them in a paper towel, and place in a plastic bag. Seal and refrigerate, and every three days, replace the paper towel.


fresh herbs


Another way to keep the herbs fresh is by using a fresh herb keeper. By storing fresh herbs correctly, you will not have to replace them as often making them more budget-friendly.

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By following these simple steps, your herbs will stay fresh, bacteria free, and last up to two weeks. The advantage of having them ready when needed is, you will use more herbs and save prep time when cooking.

These aromatic plants add extra flavour to soups and stews, gluten-free pasta dishes and salads. One of my favourites is cilantro, especially when used in a delicious authentic Mexican salsa.



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