Louisiana Chicken Gumbo (Gluten-Free)

Published on Nov 26, 2019

  by   Kristina Stosek

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Prep Time: 15 minutes Cook Time: 20 minutes Serves: 4 - 6
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This Louisiana Chicken Gumbo is a thick stew made with chicken, chorizo sausage, veggies and a large selection of spices. True comfort food, you know the one that makes you feel good. This thick, richly spiced stew has the most flavourful sauce showcasing Creole and New Orleans cuisine.

Don’t let the long list of ingredients scare you, they are mostly spices, and this is why this stew stands out from most. I can’t tell you how delicious this gluten-free Louisiana Chicken Gumbo is.

When it comes to making gumbo, it is all about the “roux.” I will get into that a little later.


close up of chicken gumbo in a bowl


The rest is simple, and the entire dish can be served under thirty minutes. Gumbo is traditionally served with steamed rice or potato salad.

You can also add fresh, thinly sliced green onions and some hot sauce. I have made a gluten-free crusty French bread to go along with this stunning Louisianna chicken gumbo.

For the gluten-free crusty French bread, I will be sharing the recipe shortly.  The bread is sooo good, more on this coming up this week.


Louisiana Chicken gumbo in a bowl with rice


What is roux?

Some of you may already know that roux is made with butter or oil mixed with flour and slowly cooked until it begins to deepen in colour. It is used as a thickener in soups, stews, meat pies and casseroles. But more importantly, the roux adds intense flavour.

When I started to create a gluten-free roux, I had to try various flours until the roux turned out perfect, and I was able to use it as a thickener in this gumbo to make this dish authentic.

The best flour for the rough was sweet sorghum flour. I was thrilled that this flour worked because it is a nutrient rich protein packed flour with antioxidants.

For serving, add rice or potato salad and enjoy! If you like Louisiana food take a look at these gluten-free Louisiana recipes 🙂

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What a great recipe! I made this with the exception of using GF flour and a rotisserie chicken. What a nice blend of spices/herbs and ingredients. I did use a whole bell pepper, 3 stalks celery and 4 big plum tomatoes. Definitely a "make again"! Thank you!

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