Gluten-Free French Pastry Cheese Cups

Published on Nov 16, 2018

  by   Kristina Stosek

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Prep Time: 20 minutes Cook Time: 25 minutes Serves: 18
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If you like French pastry, you will LOVE these Gluten-Free French Pastry Cheese Cups. Think flaky, buttery pastry filled with lightly sweetened ricotta cheese custard and a hint of lemon. A dream combination because these French pastries will melt in your mouth.

French pastry, gluten free

Gluten free French pastry cups for novice bakers

When I set out to make this French pastry recipe, I wondered if this French dessert would suit my gluten-free recipe collection. Why? Because I will not make too complicated recipes. I want the recipes to be easy enough for anyone to make.

So, I set out to make the most delicious gluten-free French pastry cheese cups. For the first two batches, well, they were a disaster. They didn’t even come close. So, now it has become a challenge for me.

I just had to make the gluten-free puff pastry work. After a few disappointing tries, the French pastry cheese cups were nothing short of amazing, especially right out of the oven.

gluten free French pastry cheese cups on a cooling rack


They are simple enough for anyone to make, and you will get exceptional results! So, anyone can whip up these gluten-free French pastries.

best cheese to use for gluten free French pastries

The choice of cheese for French pastries depends on the specific pastry you’re making and whether you want a sweet or savory flavor. Here are some popular cheeses for different types of French pastries:

Sweet Pastries:

Cream Cheese: Cream cheese is a versatile option for sweet pastries like danishes, cheesecakes, and filled pastries. It provides a creamy and slightly tangy flavor.

Mascarpone: Mascarpone is a creamy Italian cheese often used in desserts such as French pastries.

Brie: Brie can be used in sweet pastries with fruit fillings. Its mild and creamy taste complements the sweetness of fruits like figs or berries.

Ricotta: Ricotta cheese is a common choice for sweet pastries. It has a slightly grainy texture and a subtle sweetness.

Savory Pastries:

Gruyère: This Swiss cheese has a nutty and slightly sweet flavor that pairs well with savory pastries like quiches, savory tarts, and puff pastry appetizers.

Emmental: Another Swiss cheese, Emmental has a mild, slightly nutty taste and melts beautifully. It’s great for cheese-filled pastries.

Goat Cheese (Chèvre): Goat cheese adds a creamy, tangy flavor and is excellent for tarts, turnovers, and savory éclairs.

Blue Cheese: For a bold and pungent flavor, blue cheeses like Roquefort or Gorgonzola can be used sparingly in some savory pastries, adding a unique and intense taste.

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