Creamy Chicken Calabrese with Ham

Published on May 17, 2018

  by   Kristina Stosek

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Prep Time: 15 minutes Cook Time: 45 minutes Serves: 4
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This Chicken Calabrese with Ham is made with the most delicious red pepper cream sauce that will impress even the savviest chefs. The recipe may sound complicated, but, it is made simply with fresh ingredients.

♥ How to make the best Calabrese sauce?

Flavour comes from herbs, spices and veggies. In this recipe the fresh vegetables are first roasted. The flavour intensifies when the garlic, shallots, bell peppers and tomatoes are roasted. Once they veggies are lightly caramelized they are blended until almost smooth. With added fresh basil and cream, the sauce becomes even more flavourful and creamy. The sauce is then used to deglaze the pan that has the chicken juices. Lastly, I added the mozzarella cheese, making the sauce thick and cheesy. I can’t tell you enough how delicious this Calabrese sauce is. It turns a simple chicken dinner into an Italian delicacy!

Once the sauce is made, the chicken is layered with ham slices, fresh tomatoes and smothered with the Calabrese red pepper cream sauce. The vibrant sauce is made with roasted veggies, garlic, rosemary, plenty of fresh basil and of course cheese. The sauce is packed with tremendous flavour, making this Italian chicken Calabrese dish exceptional.

Chicken Calabrese dish is traditionally served with pasta. But, the creamy sauce goes exceptionally well over parsley rice or simple potatoes with parsley and garlic. 

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