Going Gluten-Free: Starting Your Journey

Going gluten-free can be overwhelming. Gluten is in most of the food products that we consume in North America, and can be daunting to sort out what is safe from what is not. If you are starting the journey, it may be tempting to only “cut-back” on gluten. However, with gluten, it is important to cut it out completely.

We have some tips as to how to start changing your life, the gluten-free way.

Start Right

Spend some time going through your kitchen and discovering which foods are gluten-free and which are not. If you have foods which contain gluten, give them to a local food bank or neighbor. This will prevent you from eating gluten accidentally later on, or when you have a craving.

Keep it Simple

Stick to whole foods. Most processed foods contain gluten, and label reading is a skill that improves with time. At the beginning, it is easier to stick to mainly whole foods and introduce processed favorites one at a time, once you have determined their gluten-free status.

List Your Favorites

Everybody has certain favorite dishes that will prove a hurdle to maintaining a gluten-free diet over time. Love Pancakes? Know what your weak point is, and anticipate a response by finding a gluten-free recipe to satisfy your craving – in advance.

Replace It

Get to know your local health food store and find alternatives to stock up your kitchen. Going gluten-free shouldn’t mean that your cupboards are bare. Learn about new types of flour, pasta, and other delicious alternatives. Health food stores are also a great source of information about going gluten-free, as many are very knowledgeable about what alternative products are available.

When starting your journey, it is important to commit from the very beginning. Careful planning and research are necessary to be successful in this exciting new phase of your life.