Grain-Free VS Gluten-Free

Is grain for everyone? Why is gluten so bad? Is gluten-free same as grain- free? How has wheat changed over the last century?   WHAT IS A GRAIN? Grains are dry seeds, with or without attached fruit layers. The most common grains are wheat, corn, oats and rice. Grains raise your blood sugar as much […]

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Hand Washing vs Dishwashers and Water Saving Tips

      Healthy living includes healthy environment, and one of the most precious natural resources in the world is fresh water. Many parts of the world have shortages of fresh water, which can mean unhealthy environment. We can help conserving water with few simple changes, one that is often up for debate is hand […]

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which cutting board to use and how to keep it clean

Which Cutting Board To Use And How To Keep It Clean

Whether you are slicing, chopping, or carving – a good cutting board is essential in the kitchen! Not all cutting boards are created equal, and if not used or cleaned properly, harmful bacteria will harbour in them. Choosing the proper cutting board and knowing how to clean it properly is crucial to avoid poisoning yourself […]

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