Smoked Salmon, Asparagus & Goat Cheese Quiche (Keto & Gluten-Free)

Published on Jun 22, 2019

  by   Kristina Stosek

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Prep Time: 15 minutes Cook Time: 75 minutes Serves: 6
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Sometimes we just want something light for dinner – we all do. And what’s better than a Smoked Salmon with Asparagus and Goat Cheese Quiche? This is something you don’t have to feel guilty about eating.

Smoked Salmon, Asparagus and Goat Cheese Quiche willl satisfy even big appetites!

Smoked salmon, asparagus and goat cheese nestled in a light egg custard. It is a filling meal with a light salad or just as is.

crust-free quiche

This is a light quiche made without the typical crust that most quiches have. The salmon adds a gentle smokey flavour and goes exceptionally well with the tender asparagus.

This quiche is keto-friendly.

The goat cheese, fresh dill and lemon zest give some tartness and earthy flavour. And for those who follow the keto diet, this smoked salmon and asparagus with goat cheese dish is also keto-friendly. 


a slice of smoked salmon asparagus quiche on a square plate

gluten-free quiche — recipe overview

I love making a quiche. It is probably one of the easiest meals to make. The quiche is made mostly of eggs. Then you can add your favourite veggies, proteins and cheeses.

This recipe has two layers of smoked salmon, asparagus and goat cheese. The deliciously flavoured eggs are poured over each layer and what makes this an exceptional dish is the topping of caramelized onions.

don’t rush the baking 

The only drawback is the time it takes to bake. To have exceptional results this stunning dish takes time. But the good thing is, it takes only minutes to prepare. So you can leave it in the oven baking while you relax or make a light salad for a healthy meal.


smoked salmon with a lemon slice on a plate

Don’t like salmon? Replace it with ham.

Don’t have smoked salmon? You can use ham, the quiche is just as delicious.

If quiche isn’t your thing we have many more gluten-free light meals for everyday cooking. 

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sounds delicious, will try it next time. Thank you for sharing


I would leave out the milk, use full cream and add 2 more eggs

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