Paleo Apple Cinnamon Muffins {Grain-Free, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Nut-Free}

Published on Mar 28, 2019

  by   Kristina Stosek

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Prep Time: 10 minutes Cook Time: 15 minutes Serves: 12
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Healthy allergy-friendly Paleo Apple Cinnamon Muffins. This muffin recipe will accommodate most diets. The apple cinnamon muffin is made by using healthy ingredients such as coconut flour, eggs, olive oil, fresh apples, a hint of cinnamon and as a sweetener, a splash of pure maple syrup.

I love a nutritionally balanced breakfast muffin that is this delicious. The paleo muffin is packed with protein and fiber and will give you lasting energy when needed. I refer to this apple cinnamon muffin as a healthy breakfast on the go.

The muffin recipe is simple to make without grains, dairy, nuts and gluten. This is why this paleo apple cinnamon muffin is an allergy-friendly muffin.

Why is this paleo apple cinnamon muffin healthier?

Baking fresh muffins at home have many benefits. Besides tasting fresh and delicious, you control the salt, sugar and unhealthy fats. Some store bought gluten-free muffins are made with mostly starches and sometimes unhealthy additives and colours. Starches, mainly GMO corn starch, are nutrient-poor ingredients and are best to be avoided. In this paleo muffin recipe, I used nutrient-packed coconut flour. Coconut flour is rich in fiber and MCTs, and it may promote stable blood sugar and is good for digestion. For fats, I used healthy olive oil and as a sweetener pure maple syrup, making this a healthier muffin recipe.

However, the best part about these tasty muffins is, kids love them. The muffin is made with apples and cinnamon, a combination of flavours that kids love, and even the pickiest eaters will enjoy!

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Unfortunately coconut flour is not low Fodmap, not even in small quantities.

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