Gluten-Free Spicy Chinese Noodles

Published on Dec 08, 2019

  by   Kristina Stosek

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Prep Time: 10 minutes Cook Time: 15 minutes Serves: 4
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Gluten-Free Spicy Chinese Noodles is a dish all about fresh crispy veggies mixed with noodles and flavoured with a spicy, chili garlic sauce. This Asian dish is better than take out, and you can make it under 30 minutes.

I must admit I love Chinese food, but eating out is not an option, because Asian food in most restaurants is not gluten-free.

This tasty spicy Chinese noodle dish is healthier than take out because it is prepared without gluten, msg, unhealthy fats and loads of salt. This is why I always make Asian food at home. Another noodle dish you may enjoy is the insanely delicious gluten-free plant-based Korean noodle dish.

Spicy Chinese Noodles – the details

The fresh tender veggies are prepared to a crispy texture, the noodles are perfectly cooked, and everything is smothered in the most delicious chili garlic sauce flavoured with Chinese spices. There is so much flavour going on in this simple to make Chinese noodle dish.


chinese noodles in a bowl with chopsticks


And did I mention that you can make this dish at a fraction of the cost. Although this is a vegan dish, you can easily change it by adding shredded cooked chicken, pork or chopped scrambled eggs.

Replace the tofu if that is not your thing!

So if tofu is not your thing, replace it with your favourite protein. I especially love portobello mushrooms, because they are super flavourful.

Only five minutes of prep time!

Most Asian dishes are all about prepping food. You know, chopping, slicing cleaning the veggies, getting the ingredients ready. Once everything is prepped, the entire dish takes only minutes to cook.

In this recipe, the veggies I used are green onions, snow peas and bell peppers so very little prep time. Add the garlic, ginger and spices and top with sesame seeds. YUM! Once the noodles are cooked, you are almost done.


chinese noodles with snow peas in a bowl


the spicy noodle sauce makes this dish

The sauce takes virtually one minute, then you add the veggies and coat them in the delicious hot sauce. They take about 2 minutes to cook, leaving them crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

In the end, add the noodles and coat them with the chili garlic sauce and veggies. How easy is that? If you love Asian inspired dishes, check out the gluten-free recipes.

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