Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies

Published on Sep 12, 2020

  by   Kristina Stosek

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Prep Time: 10 + minutes Cook Time: 12 minutes Serves:
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Easiest Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookie recipe I know. To make this peanut butter oatmeal cookie, all you need is six ingredients plus raisins, which are optional. The cookies are slightly crispy on the outside and softer on the inside. They are flourless, dairy-free, gluten-free and refined sugar-free. I have also included an egg-free option.


peanut butter oatmeal cookies


Are these gluten-free peanut butter oatmeal cookies healthy?

I would consider this peanut butter oatmeal cookie on the healthy-ish side because they are flourless, the cookie is light on the sweetener, and they are packed with protein and fiber.

If you are looking for a vegan option, substitute the egg for a flax egg. I promise you that these peanut butter oatmeal cookies will keep you energized and satisfy your sweet tooth every time!


gluten free peanut butter oatmeal cookies


What if I am allergic to peanut butter?

If you are making these cookies for someone that is allergic to peanut butter, you can easily substitute almond butter or cashew butter for the peanut butter. The cookies will have the same texture, just a slightly different flavour.

In this gluten-free peanut butter oatmeal cookie recipe, I added raisins. I find that raisins and oatmeal with a pinch of cinnamon go so well together. The raisins are optional, but they do add extra sweetness, which makes the cookies extra delicious.

You can also use chocolate chips or carob chips if you are not into raisins. You can substitute one teaspoon of vanilla extract for cinnamon if you prefer the cookies to have a light vanilla flavour.


peanut butter cookies


What do I love about these peanut butter oatmeal cookies!

This gluten-free cookie recipe is one that I make often. I change things up a bit, maybe add chocolate chips or carob chips. Sometimes I don’t add anything. To prepare the cookie dough takes about five minutes, honestly such an easy cookie recipe. All you need is two bowls and one spatula.

I used a cookie scoop to form the cookies, but you can use a tablespoon if you don’t have a cookie scoop. A cookie scoop is probably one of my most used kitchen utensils. I use it for ice cream, mashed potatoes, rice, making muffins…just about anything. A cookie scoop is an easier way to scoop things up.


cookie scoop

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I hope you give this gluten-free peanut butter oatmeal cookie a try. Adults and kids have tested these cookies, and they are always a huge hit. The best part, you most likely have all the ingredients in your pantry.


flourless peanut butter cookies


Need more cookie recipes? Check out our gluten-free cookie recipes section for inspiration. From grain-free cookies, 4-ingredient cookies to keto-friendly cookies, you will find something for everyone. Enjoy!

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