Gluten-Free Maple Oat Nut Scones

Published on Jul 23, 2020

  by   Kristina Stosek

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Prep Time: 15 minutes Cook Time: 18+ minutes Serves: 8
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A classic Gluten-Free Maple Oat Nut Scone that tastes better than one with gluten. Honestly, this gluten-free maple oat nut scone is so so good! Sometimes you don’t need a whole lot of techniques to make something special like these scones.


glazed gluten free maple oat nut scones on a plate


Do you remember when I made the gluten-free cranberry oat scones? They are a huge hit, so I just needed to do another scone recipe. Before I switched to gluten-free diet, one of my favourite sweets with my Starbucks coffee was their amazing maple oat nut scone. So I had to re-create a gluten-free version of the unforgettable maple oat nut scone.

Enter these gluten-free maple oat nut scones. Honestly, I can say these scones are better!! Think oats, pecans, butter and earthy, with the most delicious maple glaze. They are beyond delicious, and will remind you how delicious scones can be!


2 glazed gluten free maple oat nut scones

Easy gluten-free maple oat nut scone recipe!

Another reason these gluten-free scones are perfect is that they are effortless to make. If you don’t count the dough’s chilling time, you can have the scones ready in just about thirty minutes.

Do you have to use cerftified gluten-free oats?

Using only certified gluten-free oats is a must if you are following a gluten-free diet. Some oats are grown too close to other grains and may be cross-contaminated with gluten. By using certified gluten-free oats, you know that there is no chance of being glutened.

I like to eat the maple oat nut scones when they are still slightly warm and drizzled with plenty of maple glaze. The scones melt in your mouth…they are out of this world, I promise you!

Scones and coffee are just too perfect. The earthy maple oat nut scone makes coffee time perfect! However, think brunch how much better it can be when you include these heavenly buttery scones.


gluten-free maple oat nut scones

What is pure maple extract?

To give the scones that delicious maple flavour, I added pure maple extract. Pure maple extract is made by mixing pure maple syrup with alcohol. There are no artificial flavours, dyes or corn syrup added.

If your budget allows it, always use pure maple extract. You can add it to pancake batter, apple pies, oatmeal, butternut squash, frosting and most baked goods. The maple flavour will make everything taste so much better!


pecans in a glass


If you have not made gluten-free scones before, you must try this maple oat nut scone recipe. They are perfect in every way → The texture, the crunchy bites of pecans, the buttery flavour and the incredibly delicious maple glaze.

I know that scones are probably not the healthiest food to start your day with. But, they do include plenty of protein and fiber. This scone recipe has only half a cup of coconut sugar and two tablespoons of pure maple syrup…so not too much sweetener.

try the maple oat nut scones without the glaze

However, I won’t lie, the glaze is made with powdered sugar. If you want to cut back on the sweetener, use just a small drizzle of the glaze or none at all. The gluten-free scones are so tasty that you will not miss the maple glaze. Especially if you dip them into coffee 🙂

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thank you for sharing Renee x

Renee Skeate

These were the best gluten free scones I have tasted. I made a double recipe, and they turned out great!! The white glazed ended up just blending in, but they were amazing! Making again for Christmas! Thanks for the great recipe.


The only thing I can think of is the way you measured the flour. Did you fill your measuring cup with a spoon then levelled it off with a knife? If you dip the measuring cup into the flour, you will have too much flour making the scones too dry.

Skye Seiler Hann

These are not hard to make and the maple flavor was so good but they came out very dry. What did I do wrong? Or what can I do next time to make them more moist?


Hi Terry, I have not made them dairy free so I don’t know. However, if you do make them please share your results. Thank you


Any chance these can be made dairy free?


Hello Kathy, I agree with you, they taste just like Starbucks...a bit better :-)


I just made these amazing scones. The best I have ever had and they taste just like the ones from Starbucks. Thank you!

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