Which Onion to Use in Cooking?

Not all onions taste the same. This is why some are better in salads, and others are better in soups, stews or salad dressing. Whether eating onions raw or cooked they have many health benefits. Onions are low in calories, high in fiber and they detoxify your body from heavy metals. Including onions in your daily diet will promote good health

Here is a list of onions and their uses in everyday cooking

Sweet Onion

Sweet Onion  ~ Used mostly for frying like onion rings, roasted or grilled vegetables and stir fries

White onion

White onion ~ Is crunchy and sharp in flavour, and is widely used chutneys or dishes where you want the onion flavour to be the main attraction

Red onion

Red onion ~ Best eaten raw in sandwiches and salads. It is crispy and has a mildly sweet taste. Red onion also adds lovely colour to salads or is used as a garnish

Yellow onion

Yellow onion ~ is most commonly used because of its many uses, like stews, soups, gravy, slow cooked meat dishes, spaghetti sauce, chilis and casseroles


Shallots ~ Mild in flavour making them excellent in salad dressings, fish recipes and garnishes

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