Here’s What You Need To Know About Gluten-Free Barbecuing


barbecuing steaks

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Gluten-related disorders affect officially only 1% of Canadians, however, researchers have discovered that the real figure is likely to be significantly higher with the disease believed to be going undiagnosed in a staggering 90% of cases.

On top of this growing numbers of people are choosing to exclude gluten from their diet. Many myths and fears surround catering for those with gluten intolerances and the majority of these are unfounded.

Whilst some forms of cooking and specific recipes require creative solutions to avoid gluten others are perfectly fine as they are. Barbecuing and grilling are perfect examples of the former.

Staying safe when using a barbecue

It is always important to keep your grill clean to avoid build-up of grease causing a fire but with gluten-free cooking, it is important to ensure that you’ve given your grill a good brush down to remove any prior traces of gluten.

It is important to ensure that you pick a brush with thick bristles that hold their shape. Always check the grill after brushing to ensure that no bristles have broken off.

Avoid wearing baggy clothing as it can be dangerous near naked flames and be careful with the alcohol.

Gluten-free choices for your grill

By avoiding pre-marinated meat and commercially available marinades it is easy to have a gluten-free barbecue. Staples such as drumsticks, steak, and shish kebabs are naturally gluten-free and make grilling simple for those avoiding it.

Pork and apple kebabs keep meat apart increasing the surface area to allow the meat to cook evenly. If you use pineapple chunks with beef you get the added bonus of the protease enzymes tenderizing the meat too.

Slight adaptations to existing recipes

Homemade burgers are a simple and tasty alternative to store-bought versions. Burger recipes can be as simple as ground beef and eggs. If you are wanting to be more creative or need more filler corn flour, salt, pepper, and gluten-free spices and herbs can be added.

Homemade marinades or sauces and dry rubs can be used to treat meat without risking the potential issues with store-bought alternatives. Fresh ingredients are the best way to ensure that you keep the food gluten-free.

If you want to be more creative then you can make your own herb mix for a tandoori marinade to mix with yoghurt. Shawarma spice mix can add a wonderful Middle Eastern flavour to almost any meat without risking gluten.

Stay healthy and safe while enjoying your favourite grilled food. Follow these tips for tasty, gluten-free barbecue every time you fire up the grill.

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