Everyday Struggles Gluten Free People Deal With

Many people are adopting a gluten-free lifestyle, unlike fad diets people suffering from gluten sensitivity or Celiac disease must follow these diets. Following a gluten free diet can be difficult because gluten is in almost all processed foods making it very difficult to eat in restaurants, going to parties and even visiting families. Here are some struggles that gluten free people deal with every day



Walking by a bakery and knowing you can’t have anything




Going to a party and bringing your own food


going to a party


Trying to explain to your server at a restaurant that it has to be 100 % gluten free, not hearing them say mostly or I think so




The many different flours and starches to make good tasting bread




When talking about gluten free, most people think you are an alien or starting a new fad to lose weight




Going to an Italian restaurant with your friends and knowing you can only order a salad less the dressing or steamed vegetables


italian food


Having to pay a lot more money for gluten free food




Packing a cooler with gluten free food each time you travel






The shock of eating a gluten free dessert that actually tastes amazing


mocha cake



Cooking gluten free recipes that look beautiful on photos but taste like plastic





Trying to explain to loved ones how seriously gluten affects your health





But the most painful struggle is eating a gluten-free meal at a restaurant and being glutened





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