5 Frequently Asked Questions about the Gluten Free Lifestyle

More and more people around the world are currently choosing to live a gluten free lifestyle. This movement is also something that tends to confuse a lot of people who either may not know much about it or are unaware of what gluten even is.
Below are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers about gluten free lifestyles that will shed some light on the subject.
What exactly is gluten?
Gluten, in simple terms, is a combination of proteins found in various types of grains. Gluten is known for its elastic properties, and is also used for adding texture, flavor, and/or thickening to different types of foods, such as bagels and muffins. Gluten is also used as a binding agent in various recipes. It causes unpleasant or downright painful digestive symptoms in some people, especially those with celiac disease.
What does it mean when someone says they are living a gluten free lifestyle?
What this means essentially is that these people choose to avoid the foods that contain gluten, especially if they suffer from illnesses such as celiac disease and dermatitis, as gluten can actually accelerate the seriousness of these illnesses and lead to intestinal damage and malnutrition.
What foods are safe to eat when living a gluten free lifestyle?
Perhaps the simplest things to look for are foods that clearly state that they are gluten free, or are naturally free of gluten. You can eat foods such as fruits, vegetables, fish, chicken, beef, pork and quinoa without fear of gluten being present. Rice is also naturally gluten free, but sometimes it is processed in factories where other products contain gluten and cross contamination can happen. This is why it is important to buy products that are labeled certified gluten free. Check out our healthy and tasty gluten free recipes that you can easily make yourself at home.
What are some of the health benefits of a gluten free lifestyle?
There are four basic health benefits of living a gluten-free lifestyle:  increased energy levels, fewer digestive issues, and better concentration. Weight loss may also be one of the benefits because you have to make healthier choices in order to avoid gluten.
Is a gluten free lifestyle safe for someone who has certain food allergies?
If you are considering switching to gluten free foods, yet you have allergies to certain foods that fall into that category, it’s absolutely essential that you first consult your doctor. They will be able to tell you for sure if a gluten-free lifestyle is safe enough for you to take on.